The Left Attempted to Discredit Black Father Who Spoke Out Against CRT and Now He's Mocking Them

Concerned Illinois parent Ty Smith goes off on Critical Race Theory, 6/9/21. (Credit: Benny Johnson)

Illinois father and anti-Critical Race Theory warrior Ty Smith stood up for the children against the hateful ideology the hard-left is attempting to push on them and went viral as a result. At this point, the left would do all they could to discredit someone so effective at combating their message so that no one will listen to it, but Smith is noticing a complete lack of challenge and it’s easy to see why.

As Sister Toldja covered earlier this month, Smith hit the podium during a school board meeting and proceeded to demolish CRT through, not only personal examples, but pure logic that exposes the ideology for the hatred and racism it seeks to produce and how it’s the antithesis to a successful black community.

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Smith appeared as a guest on Fox Business Channel during Monday’s episode of Varney & Co. where he and host Stuart Varney discussed the backlash he received to his viral video. Smith’s response? He mimicked a cricket.

“What was the reaction to you by people who support Critical Race Theory?” asked Varney.

“I’ll give you an example,” said Smith, before making the whistling sound. “They had nothing to say because, pretty much, the lifestyle that I came from, I was the very type of person  that they were talking about, that was down, and suppressed, and oppressed, and disproportionate, and for me to be able to come out of that, to work my way through school to get where I am, I just call BS on it – it’s nonsense.”

To be sure, Smith is another example in the myriad of examples of how Critical Race Theory is wrong. As Smith made clear during his viral speech, he came from a background where his mother and father weren’t present, had to work his way through college, and yet he’s a successful man with two medical degrees. He’s also a successful YouTuber and radio show host.

Despite the left’s inability to launch a single legitimate attack against him, it hasn’t stopped them from lying about him in order to make others stop listening to him. However, it’s hard to deny the facts.

“What gets me is that, as soon as I said that, right, that seemed to have been the focus I noticed was mainly being played. But, I told like whoever these – I guess you’d call them the far left – it seems like they just wanted to focus on. So, now I have no degrees, I don’t have a wife, I don’t have any sons, I’m not a musician, I’m not a minister. I’m some actor that was placed there by the Republican Party and turns out I’m Candace Owens’ brother!” he said.

If that’s all Smith has to worry about, then it’s clear he’s already won and that his message is going to succeed over those trying to block it.

Smith’s message was destined to win anyway. If there’s one group of people who would be overwhelmingly negatively affected by the teaching of CRT to children, it’s the black community. Black children would feel as if they can’t do anything and that they’re forever a lower class in America unless a violent revolution occurred. White children would be taught to hate themselves, which would have all sorts of negative effects on them growing up, including depression and timidity. They would work to make themselves less than what they are. This would result in a very racist generation of adults who won’t reach their full potential in both the white and black communities.

As Smith pointed out using himself as an example, the entire concept of CRT is a lie in the first place and shouldn’t be taught in our schools as factual, and if the parents continue to fight as hard as they are, then it never will be.