American's Trust In the Media Is Lower Than Every Other Country's, but Does the Media Care?

Earlier this month, Australian news media openly slammed the American news media over its unmitigated boot-licking of the Biden administration, with the phrase “appalling to watch” being thrown in there by one of the commentators.


It was a moment that really shed some light on our news media situation. From the outside looking in, our media look more like purveyors of propaganda than actual journalists and reporters. While it’s true that there’s no such thing as an unbiased reporter, bias has completely overtaken professionalism. For many in America’s media, if they aren’t towing a party line, then they aren’t really doing their job.

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Thankfully, it’s not really just foreign media figures who see the abject corruption of our own media. Americans see it too, and as a result, we trust our own media far less than any other country does.

As covered by The Daily Wire, nearly half of all Americans have trust issues with our own media, outclassing 45 other countries on the list. The only people who seem to see American media as being fair are the ones who want to believe it:

As a whole, the survey reveals that Americans have a 15% trust gap — reflecting a lower level of trust in the media than in any of the other 45 nations surveyed.

In all, nearly as many Americans strongly disagree that they trust the media (23%) than trust the media (29%). A total of 44% of U.S. citizens surveyed do not trust news outlets to report the facts.

The report also evaluated Americans based on political ideology and found that only Americans whose political views fall on the Left say the media portray them fairly: 51% of self-identifying liberals say the media reflect their views correctly, while 34% disagree. Fewer than one-third of centrists and one-fifth of conservatives agree. Self-identified conservatives have a 59 percentage point gap: 16% say the media portray conservatives accurately, while 75% disagree.


A lot of people agree with the sentiment that the media is a corrupt and biased mess that has more interest in pushing agenda points and coaxing you to watch than it does actually telling you the honest truth. As I’ve covered not long ago, people have this sentiment because it’s demonstrably true. The media functions more like a business than it does a news organization. It has a product to sell and it’s a product that, if you buy into it, allows them to sell even more product to you. These “products” range from being laundry detergent to anti-American narratives that make you more liable to submit to Marxian rules and guidelines.

The irony of that would be kind of funny if it didn’t involve so much brainwashing and societal collapse.

The question is, in light of this information, does the media care?

For the most part, we’ve got the curtain ripped back and the “wizard” is standing there with his gears and levers. Yet, despite being exposed, he’s not stopped spinning dials and shouting into his microphone. He’s going to keep selling the idea that he’s a great and powerful wizard who knows better and has all the solutions.

The media doesn’t care, and they don’t care because there are still enough people to sell this product to, and wouldn’t you know it, many of these people are in positions of power. They’re influencers, societal tastemakers, leftist directors and actors, activists, and community leaders. Through their combined efforts they can still sell the message, if not directly to you from the news, then subtly from other sources.


They can’t just stop the business. There’s too much on the line to stop, be it money or influence. They have an agenda to sell and suddenly reversing course would be antithetical to everything they work toward and believe.



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