"Appalling to Watch": Australian Media Tears American Media Apart Over Its Fawning Over Biden

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

American media is so infected with leftism that it’s ideologically slanted to the point of tipping over and it’s highly possible that the media doesn’t even know it. It doesn’t have the ability to look at itself critically, and we get very real moments where the media asks Democrats what it can do to better help them along while on air.


The media in other countries can see it, though, and Australia’s, in particular, can’t help but dedicate a segment to it.

On a segment during Sky News’s Kenny on Media, Australian anchors and commentators took aim at the American media for its simpering and fawning over Joe Biden during the G7 summit while the same media bashed President Donald Trump in 2018 against all reason.

Taking aim at CNN, in particular, the anchor compared the network reporting on Biden in 2021 vs. Trump in 2018. The difference was absolutely striking, with CNN saying that Trump was in opposition to every world leader around him, while everything about Biden seemed perfect and without trouble.

“They drive to give the illusion that he doesn’t have any disputes with any of these international leaders,” said the lead anchor.

The Australian writer Sophie Elsworth said that Biden was extremely lucky to have such loyal media on his side, and it would definitely result in higher popularity thanks to his fans in the journalist sector.

“It’s really quite appalling to watch,” said Elsworth. “And what happened to straight news reporting which doesn’t seem to be existent there?


“Trump can do no right,” added Nick Cater of the Menzies Research Center.

“There are considerable question marks over Biden’s foreign affairs policies, they’re not proven yet,” continued Cater.

Cater mentioned Trump’s strength in foreign affairs in comparison, including his show of strength against China and the Abraham accords in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Cater adds, Biden has yet to demonstrate whether or not he’ll be able to utilize America’s strength in order to make the country a leader on the global stage.

“I would be much happier to see Donald Trump at the G7, I think,” he concluded.

CNN’s ratings have been cratering to record lows in the post-Trump era. One of the reasons why is that CNN had invested itself so much into the anti-Trump narrative that Trump being removed from office would have been the worst thing for it. Sure enough, the first week of Biden’s presidency marked the beginning of a steep slide in ratings for CNN.


But the anti-Trump narrative was born from a hardcore adherence to leftist politics, and CNN continued to cling to Democrats, more or less becoming a propaganda arm instead of a news network.

Sadly, this kind of obedience to Democrats is seen throughout the media in varying ways with few exceptions, including OANN, Newsmax, and Fox News. The problem of bias is so obvious and loud that across the sea, people are taking notice and laughing about it.




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