There's Only One Clear Way to Respond to Biden's Dictator Moment on Masks

Yesterday, I was a bit caught off guard by something President Joe Biden (or more realistically, what one of his many caretakers) tweeted out. I wasn’t caught off guard because he said it, I was caught off guard because he so blatantly said it.

On Twitter, Biden gave Americans a choice; get vaccinated or keep wearing the mask. Thems the rules.

“The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours,” he (they) tweeted.

I could really only think up one response for him. Something short, sweet, and definitive. A response worthy of someone in his position issuing orders down from on high.

“I’ll do neither and you’ll like it,” I responded.

In my humble opinion, this is the overwhelming response that Biden needed to get. It was the overwhelming response the Washington elite needed to see.

It’s effectively a reminder to those in elected office that there is no telling us what we can and can’t do. It’s not within the President of the United States’ power to supersede state and local laws for starters. Secondly, this is America where the people in positions of power answer to the people who put them there, not the other way around. Biden was voted in, not appointed, and definitely not anointed.

He should watch who he’s talking to.

COVID-19 gave Democrats a whole host of bad habits, especially the elites in far-removed places like DC. Not only did the lockdowns teach them that power is only a declared emergency away, but they also drank their own Kool-Aid and now believe the “science” is a magical word that can mean whatever they say it does.

This is the same Biden administration that told us that double-masking up was a solid thing to do, even if you’re vaccinated, and that we still had many months ahead of sacrifice and suffering, despite our vaccinations rolling out by the millions.

The truth is, COVID is over. Red states released their lockdowns months ago and to no ill effect. The left is so behind on the real science that lockdown and precaution performance art is about as relevant as Limp Bizkit. Leftists who are now being dragged along with the real science, thanks to the newest CDC guidelines on masks are openly saying that they need to “rewire” themselves to not look down on and hate people not wearing masks.

They truly believed that they were infallible during the COVID-19 era. The fear they spread to American citizens made them so, and in the process, they convinced these Americans that they had far more power than they actually had. As they fooled Americans, they fooled themselves, and now the Democrat President of the United States is tweeting out authoritarian nonsense to the general public.

It’s up to Americans to remind the left that there is a system that, like it or not, they have to obey, and that system makes it clear that they’re not our boss, we’re theirs.

The choice Americans have is theirs to be sure, but there are far more choices than Biden listed. We have the choice to not wear a mask and not get vaccinated. We have the choice to get vaccinated and still wear a mask. We have the choice to continue following lockdown procedures if we choose that for ourselves, we also have the right to gather in a crowd and tell government figures to kindly go fudge themselves, only I didn’t say “fudge.”

We also have a choice of voting these authoritarian elitists out. Midterms are coming up, and then after that, we have the 2024 elections. We can either keep these dictatorial non-scientific, power-hungry morons out — or keep them and let them continue to think they’re higher, smarter, and more important than us.

The choice is yours.


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