Rachel Maddow and the Left Try to Come to Terms With the "Science" They So Love and It's Weird

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is, as much of the left, in a state of confusion after the CDC handed down guidance that the vaccinated may now unmask and live as normal. For lovers of the “new normal,” the left isn’t exactly having an easy time coming to terms with this fact, including Maddow.


After an interview with CDC Director Rochelle Walesnky where Maddow sought confirmation on the guidance and asked who is and isn’t safe, she had a few comments, one of which seemed very weird.

Maddow said that while talking to people about what to ask Walensky, she realized that everyone had such personal feelings about it and then came to the realization that she did too. She then dropped a statement that, in many ways, shows you how well the left is programmed to think and feel certain things.

“Part of it is that I feel like I’m going to have to rewire myself so that when I see somebody out in the world who’s not wearing a mask I don’t instantly think ‘you’re a threat’ or ‘you’re selfish’ or ‘you’re a COVID denier and you definitely haven’t been vaccinated,'” said Maddow.

Maddow said that thanks to the CDC’s guidance, we as Americans are going to have to effectively reprogram ourselves to not react a certain way when we see people not wearing masks and look at each other differently without preconceptions.

Interesting choice of words.

One can’t help but feel that wiring wasn’t necessary in the first place, and rest assured, it wasn’t. If they were “following the science” as they claimed then the wiring isn’t necessary, you’re just going along with what works in order to rid ourselves of the pandemic as a society.


However, for the left, it was never actually about science. It was obeying trends and party agendas. It’s why they told red states that lifting their lockdowns and mask mandates would result in apocalyptic death scenarios despite hard evidence showing us that wouldn’t happen. When red states were proven right, blue states and their Democrat leaders continued to enforce draconian lockdowns unnecessarily, literally going against the science in the process.

Now, as the CDC has issued guidance that masks are no longer necessary for the vaccinated, Democrat leadership is still keeping an iron grip on now outdated measures. The GOP is, once again, fighting against this such as GOP House leaders pushing Nancy Pelosi to lift the mask mandate in the House, especially since herd immunity has been achieved there.

It wasn’t about the science for the left, it’s always been about control, and in order to have that control work, they had to have people willing to be controlled. People willing to wire themselves into believing certain things even when presented with facts and evidence.

With the CDC guidance, the left found themselves in the awkward position of having to either directly deny the science to maintain party narratives that allow for more control, or actually embrace the science for once. The smart play is to do the latter, but in doing so they’ll have to reprogram themselves from othering people who don’t embrace their party narrative.


This is a tall order for the left, and Maddow just admitted that.

Again, they shouldn’t be having to do this in the first place. They shouldn’t have to rewire. They shouldn’t have been looking at their fellow Americans that way in the first place. They were only doing that because they were required to in order to embrace the party’s narrative. They were required to look down on people who didn’t believe what they believe and view them as dumb, selfish, and dangerous.

To recap, the left denied the science and were horrible to those who actually went with it. Now that the science is undeniable as it’s coming from sources they previously heralded as infallible, they’re forced to work on reprogramming themselves to accept the science they’ve been denying and stop behaving like elitists toward their fellow Americans who were already way ahead of them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you “The Party of Science.”


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