With Power Attained and Money Made, Black Lives Matter Fades Into the Background

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

It was never about black lives.

That simple fact is something that’s haunted the Black Lives Matter movement throughout its existence. When it first came about in 2016, it did so just as the 2016 elections were coming into full swing. The timing seemed awfully convenient giving us the first clue that this new civil rights movement wasn’t so much about the well-being of the black community and more about politics.

Unsurprisingly, all the issues surrounding the black community were highlighted within the BLM movement but very rarely was a solution ever settled upon for these issues. In fact, their real interest seemed to be reacting to problems rather than solving them. Solving them, and working with others, would eliminate the need for the BLM movement.

So the movement would denounce attempts at bridging the gap between the black community and the police they were protesting about. In Wichita, the “First Steps” BBQ was held that had police and black neighborhoods coming together for understanding and community. This was denounced outright by BLM, including its co-founder Patrisse Cullors who outright admitted that peace was never an option.

“We don’t sit on panels with law enforcement, and we don’t have BBQs or cookouts with law enforcement,” she said. “We feel the best method at this point in history is by holding police accountable by organizing and advocating for police accountability.”

They want to react to problems not solve them.

After the election, Black Lives Matter largely disappeared and it wasn’t brought up a lot by the Democrat politicians that backed the group at every photo-op and media interview. That didn’t mean it was wholly gone. It still lived on in various ways with kneeling in the NFL during the national anthem.

Fast forward to the 2020 elections and suddenly the BLM movement was back after the death of George Floyd, but as many knew from the very beginning, Floyd was just the excuse, not the cause of the reemergence of Black Lives Matter. The real cause lay in the fact that Donald Trump needed to be defeated, and the left needed a way to paint Republicans, Trump, and the entirety of America as racist.

What followed was a summer of destruction, death, and unending, fawning media coverage. Every burning store and assaulted person, every death and crime from minor to major were excused, defended, and sometimes even applauded by people on your television screens.

Black Lives Matter became the most popular political party in our nation. You couldn’t go anywhere without it being talked about, be it sports, video games, or casual conversation. At one point, activists, with the blessing of Mayor Murial Bowser, painted the words down 16th St. leading to the White House.

It was a full-on mainstream frenzy…

…and then Joe Biden was elected.

The quest to get Trump out of office was successful. What’s more, the “trained-Marxist” leaders like Cullors had made their money.

BLM could be tucked away for another day. The frenzy can now settle. The last thing Democrats need is the BLM movement going nuts on their watch.

Politicians can now go back to ignoring it, BLM leaders can rest in their expensive homes till the next time it’s needed, and they can even paint over the words on the road in DC.

The black people of America were once again used by Democrats. None of the problems it faced were solved and were likely only made worse as burned businesses and dead family members are the real legacy it left behind. In a number of years, it will likely resurface when a Republican is threatening the Democrat party’s power and the process will begin again with more ruin and dead in its wake, accompanied by the applause of the left as they rake in power and money.

Meanwhile, black people will suffer the most from it.

It was never about black lives.