Here's What Happens When Police and Black Lives Matter Come Together In Peace

Wichita Kansas has been watching the events unfold in cities like Dallas and Baton Rouge. They’ve seen the tragedies unfold as cops are killed, and communities are torn apart by the fear generated by division.


And so they made the resolution that this wouldn’t be them.

That’s why a Black Lives Matter group in Wichita decided to ditch the idea for a protest they had planned for Sunday, and instead have a cookout for their community, which they invited police to. They called it “First Steps Community Cookout,” and according to local sources, the event was a resounding success.

In fact, it became so popular that Wichita Mayor, Jeff Longwell, pointed out that the event beat out Swift/Kardashian feud as a trending topic on FB.

Relationships were really strengthened during the cookout. Questioned were answered, and racial tensions were healed, according to one interviewee during a video about the cookout.

“It was a bonding moment where the police saw them as children and my [sons] got to see them as people! It was a great first step Chief Gordon Ramsey and Wichita PD!” said one woman who attended with her children.
With all the protests, shootings, and violence happening between police officers and Black Lives Matter, it’s this kind of outreach that will heal tensions, not protests that only cause more division. Communities coming together to talk it out, and have fun together is the way forward.
Yesterday, RedState highlighted a group of young black adults praying over a police officer, who wept as he hugged them in thanks. If we continue to see more stories like this one, then way may see an end to all the violence, and misunderstanding.
Hats off to Wichita for leading the way in repairing community relationships.


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