George Floyd Was an Excuse, Never a Cause

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New footage of George Floyd’s arrest has put a fire back in the conversation around his death and while that’s all well and good I want to make a quick article detailing a simple fact…


George Floyd’s death never truly mattered. He was simply a means to an end.

Floyd’s death served a singular purpose that I think is important, and that’s the conversations around police tactics and methods. That’s a conversation that is definitely needed because perfecting policing is always a good thing and knowing what not to do in certain situations will prevent a lot of grief, fired officers, and news cycles in the future.

But if we’re being realistic, Floyd’s death didn’t highlight a major problem that many think it did.

According to the Washington Post “Fatal Force” database, 2019 saw police shoot and kill 999 people. Out of that number, 55 suspects shot and killed by police that were unarmed, 14 of which were black. Keep in mind that “unarmed” doesn’t necessarily mean “innocent.” Some of these police shootings were still considered justified due to the suspect’s actions such as the physical assault of an officer or attempts at seizing an officer’s weapons.

But let’s say all of the unarmed killings were justified. In a country of about 40 million black people, 14 of them dying by the hands of officers while unarmed is hardly an epidemic. I’m not excusing unjustified shootings by police officers at all, but let’s not pretend that we have a major problem of innocent black people being gunned down by officers in the streets like Black Lives Matter is suggesting. It’s just not happening.


We can talk very seriously about the problems that the black community and the law enforcement community have with one another, and how the divide that has appeared between them needs to be bridged, but if we’re going to talk about the problems between the two communities, we don’t need to sensationalize numbers.

But sensationalizing numbers is the point for Black Lives Matter and like-special interest groups who want to ride the tidal wave that Floyd’s death created. The point of George Floyd wasn’t to raise awareness, it was to start a war, and it succeeded.

Black Lives Matter is not a movement that focuses on the equality and protection of black lives, and this isn’t me speculating or accusing. These are the words of many of its cheerleaders and administrators.

The most high-profile moment that hardly got any media coverage except by conservative media, was the moment CNN host Don Lemon told Terry Crews exactly what BLM was about. It’s never been about black lives but has always been about using black lives taken by police as a means to a reactionary end.


The proof is everywhere. David Dorn, Jamiel Shaw Jr., and Secoriea Turner are all names BLM ignores. Names they really shouldn’t. Names that are just a few drops in an ocean of dead that BLM has no interest in despite claiming these lives matter.

Perhaps Lemon isn’t a good example since he’s not a BLM official, so here’s BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors admitting it while denouncing the “First Steps BBQ” held in Wichita, a neighborhood event that brought police and the black community together for a day of connecting, understanding, and conversation.

“We don’t sit on panels with law enforcement, and we don’t have BBQ’s or cookouts with law enforcement. We feel the best method at this point in history is by holding police accountable by organizing and advocating for police accountability,” said Cullors, denouncing the peacemaking event.

Again, the goal was never about protecting black lives or fixing problems concerning the black community. If it was, BLM would be denouncing the riots that have destroyed black businesses and black neighborhoods and even taken black lives. To BLM, black lives don’t matter unless they fulfill a certain purpose.

George Floyd’s death fulfilled a purpose. It allowed the rising of a political movement that benefited one ideological side and right before an election no less. They never actually cared about Floyd, who he was, or how he died. That he died in the specific way he did while having the right skin color was all that mattered because it made Floyd useful. They were waiting for a George Floyd to happen so they could kick what you see before you in the media off.


All the riots you see, all the violence, all the destruction, is not being done in the name of George Floyd. It’s being done in the name of political expedience. It allowed for the emotional manipulation of the people, the inflation of a political narrative, and best of all, the collection of a lot of money from people who actually thought the movement was in good faith.

It’s not, though. Black Lives Matter is concerned with one thing and one thing only, and that’s the advancement of a socio-political ideology. It will sacrifice as many black lives as it needs to for that to happen.

George Floyd’s death was the best day Black Lives Matter ever had.



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