The Real Purpose of AOC

New York Congresswoman and self-proclaimed democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received the title of one of the least effective members of Congress according to a new study.

I covered it yesterday in a video you can watch below.

To be sure, AOC’s usefulness on the House floor is about equal to using a nunchuck to eat spaghetti. Her ability to work with others is next to non-existent and the legislation she does submit is so radical that they almost look like jokes Republicans would tell. In fact, AOC herself would be considered something of a joke to Republicans if it weren’t for the fact that her uselessness on the House floor wasn’t made up for in droves somewhere else.

Despite her inability to pass a single word of a bill she’s ever written, I still consider AOC one of the most dangerous people in the Democrat Party, and while I touch on the fact that there’s a caveat to her danger in the video above, I want to put a caveat on that caveat.

Allow me to explain.

Right now, AOC is having a hard time making friends within the Democrat Party. She has her “squad,” a group that consists of fellow Democrat extremists Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Talib. Their friendship with each other appears tight, at least on the surface. It’s unclear just how friendly they are behind the scenes but judging by the hard-left code people like AOC live by, I’m pretty sure the “friendship” is really dependent on how useful their friends are. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to wake up one day to find that one of the members of the squad fell out of favor and is no longer allowed to sit with the others at the lunch table.

Regardless, outside this squad, AOC isn’t exactly friendly with fellow Democrats. Her first day in office had her protesting outside of Nancy Pelosi’s office and the two never seemed to see eye to eye since, with Pelosi making subtle but cutting comments about AOC ever afterward. Soon after she was in office, she threatened her fellow Democrats with a “primary list” should they ever vote with Republicans at a caucus meeting.

The caveat is that AOC is ineffective at her job because she doesn’t know how to play nice with others. The caveat to the caveat is that I have to add the words “for now.” At any moment, AOC could have a come-to-Marx meeting that awakens her to the fact that being an ideological tyrant isn’t going to get her anywhere, in the same way, Obama’s “Green Czar,” Van Jones, one day confessed that in order to achieve radical ends he needed to put away radical means.

ā€œIā€™m willing to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends,ā€ he wrote one day.

How far away is AOC from such a realization? Once she understands that honey attracts more flies than vinegar, how far can she push her agenda? What’s more, let’s not also discount the fact that it doesn’t even have to be AOC who learns this. What leftist radicals waiting in the wings are watching AOC and learning from her mistakes? I fear this is the more likely of the dangers.

But clear and present is AOC and while she can’t move the chains one yard on the floor, she does move it on the internet. Her ability to sway the hearts and minds of people in today’s age is invaluable to the Democrat Party. It wasn’t long ago that AOC appeared on Twitch and played “Among Us” with a group of highly influential streamers. It was an event that too many on the right scoffed at, and too few saw the actual danger. AOC was able to reach out to hundreds of thousands of young adults in an effort to get the vote out, and I’m sure many of these young adults added to the numbers now-President Joe Biden enjoyed.

AOC doesn’t even need to be factual during these internet escapades. She doesn’t even have to make sense. The other day, during a Facebook Live she equated the term “surge” with “insurgents.” It was a stupid thing to say but the only place she was called out for it was by the right, and that automatically made the moment worth ignoring to the youth.

The sad fact is, AOC has the power to convince a very large swath of people into believing very nonsensical things, including that a fellow Senator tried to have her killed.

So AOC is not useless. In fact, she’s one of the most useful Democrats in office. She might be dumb as a brick, but she’s perfectly positioned to be manipulative, and her sensationalism gets enough belief so as to be true. This is her real value and it shouldn’t be overlooked.


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