Weird: Kamala Harris Introduces Joe Biden in What Comes off as a Real-Life Monty Python Skit

Democrat political scenes are a silly place, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that the performance art the left goes through in order to seem like they’re doing the right thing comes off as so unnecessary and over the top that it comes off more like a comedy skit.


Take, for instance, this entire song and dance of Vice-President Kamala Harris speaking and then introducing President Joe Biden. It should be a simple matter of walking up to the podium, giving her words, saying his name, stepping away, and letting Biden step up to the microphone. Instead, watch this absurd display of COVID-19 protocol that is so ridiculous it comes off like a Monty Python skit.

Instead, what we got was an entirely unnecessary song and dance where people put on or removed masks at appropriate times as some poor guy had to wipe down podiums while replacing speeches as speakers waited for the guy to finish.

What’s weird is that you know these people are hanging around each other at all times and not being nearly this careful when the cameras are off. I’m not entirely even positive that they still obey the mask mandate as Biden has already been caught without it despite issuing mandates on federal property.


Also, aren’t they vaccinated? Why are they taking all of these precautions if they’re now safe from the virus themselves? Is the guy wiping everything down vaccinated?

It all just seems like a weird song and dance that comes off so silly that you expect the camera to cut to the chained-up guy in the dungeon clapping merrily along. What’s more absurd is why they do it. They do it so that they make you think they’re doing it so it’s good if you do it, too. They’re trying to lead by “example,” but if this is the obviously fake example they want to put on, I’ll stick with being less absurd, thanks.


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