Kamala Harris Goes Full Cringe at COVID Presser, Personifies Being Out of Touch

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

I’m reliably informed that Kamala Harris is Vice President of the United States, though her notable absence from the public eye might leave one wondering. She was brought out of hiding today to announce the passage of the recent COVID-19 “relief bill,” and Harris quickly reminded everyone why we don’t see much of her these days.


Here’s her cringy performance, proclaiming “help” is on the way, like she’s about to run into a burning building and rescue a litter of cats.

Harris always looks like she’s not sure what to do with her face, whether it’s an interview or public remarks like this. In this case, is she supposed to smile and laugh, or be more stoic, given the seriousness of the pandemic? Heck if she knows, and that comes through in her comments, where she seems on the verge of giggling, while reading stale one-liners about who this bill supposedly helps.

But it’s those one-liners that really show just how out of touch Harris, and the Biden administration as a whole, are. A $1,400 check is not going to help people who can’t put food on the table. It’s certainly not going to bring much comfort to someone who lost their job because Harris and her ilk pushed ridiculous, ineffective lockdowns.

This is a “let them eat cake” moment, if there ever was one. These politicians destroyed the lives of millions of people, when science continually said it didn’t need to happen. Now, they want to be praised and congratulated for throwing you some scraps, while they spend even more of your money to pay off blue states and labor unions. There are no heroes here. Harris, the Biden administration, and a litany of blue state governors and mayors are the villains in this story.


Harris is just not good at this. We are all aware of the rumors of how she got her start in politics, but since then, she’s survived off playing identity politics, certainly in regards to gaining the vice-presidential role. If there was ever a video that encapsulates why she didn’t even make it to Iowa during her presidential run, this is it. It’s not really what she says, as much as it is how inauthentic she appears when she says it.

Given how much pain the last year has caused to most Americans, no one should be giggling behind a podium, bragging that they are bringing help by spending other people’s money via the most pork-laden bill in this nation’s history. It’s an incredibly out-of-touch message, and one a decent politician would recognize doesn’t translate.


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