LGBT Activists Get Beaten at Their Own Identity Game as the "Super Straight" Movement Gains Momentum

If you haven’t heard about this yet, the “super straight” movement is one that began on TikTok and is spreading through the internet at a very rapid pace. Its draw is that it uses its branding as a way of self-identifying as a sexuality type just like anyone from the LGBT would use for being gay, lesbian, trans, etc. By the rules of the LGBT community, this makes someone unquestionable for being a sexuality they were born with and can’t help, and that it must be respected at all times.


I wrote about its origins in more detail in a previous article.

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Despite attempts at stopping the growth of the “super straight” trend, its wildfire-like spread is only increasing, and it’s not hard to understand why if you’re willing to face a few realities. Realities that the left and the LGBT activist community would rather you not repeat.

For one, straight people outnumber LGBT people by leaps and bounds. By sheer numbers, straights outnumber LGBT by just over 94 percent of the American population alone with 5.6 percent of the population identifying as some letter within the LGBT community as of 2020 according to Gallup. This is an increase from 3.5 back in 2012 before the social justice movement really found its legs and made being gay, lesbian, or trans trendy.

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So the “super straight” movement already has a built-in participation group that far outnumbers the LGBT community.

The reason why it outnumbers the LGBT community is simple, and it’s likely the most disturbing part of the “super straight” movement to the activist community, and that’s biology.

Men and women are wired to be naturally attracted to the opposite sex due to our biological makeup guiding us to mate and procreate with each other. It’s something that the vast majority of us cannot help. Women want a confident, strong, and well-off man that will provide for her and her child a comfortable life of safety and abundance. A man wants a beautiful, healthy, and stable woman to raise his children and form a strong household with. This isn’t just societal preferences taught to us over the course of hundreds of years, this is biological impulses going back to our creation.


It truly can’t be helped.

This is the argument that the LGBT community uses when describing their sexual preferences. The running narrative is that they were born this way and need to be accepted for who they are. The social justice wing of the LGBT community, however, has made villains out of straight or “cis” people as if they had a choice in the matter themselves.

But the “super straight” movement uses that very same argument to underline something that’s very, very true. Straight people can’t help but be attracted to the opposite sex that was born that way biologically. For some reason, the social justice wing of the LGBT community refuses to acknowledge that straight people have a natural, biological urge to be attracted to and seek relationships with members of the biologically opposite sex. They became angry and began calling the “super straight” movement an attack on transgender people who believe they should be treated the same as biologically born men and women.

However, as the “super straight” movement makes clear, trans individuals can still be called whatever they want but they aren’t biologically the sex the straight person may be attracted to. So the social justice LGBT activist is caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, they’re being denied the title of their identity by being denied a sexual relationship by someone based on their biology, but also must now choose whether someone is born the way they are or can choose whatever identity they please. No matter the choice, the narrative surrounding their condition falls apart.


In the end, the “super straight” movement is just playing by the rules the social justice wing of the LGBT community laid down and winning at the game they were supposed to be losing. It has the numbers, the logic, and the backing of biology itself.


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