The Left Has Convinced a Lot of Kids They're Something They're Not, a Member of the LGBT Community

It’d be inaccurate to say that being gay, lesbian, bi, or whatever letter in the alphabet tribe best represents you is cool now because, in reality, something being cool allows people to disagree with it and create some sort of counter-culture. Today, not being completely obedient to the LGBTQRSTUV+ community could warrant you a cancelation.

As we speak, our youth are being taught by the political left that if they’re straight, there’s something wrong with them. If they’re male and don’t want to date a transgender dude calling himself “Susan” then that makes them transphobic. If they’re not at least bisexual, then they must be homophobes of some kind, or at the very least, you’re treated with suspicion.

Peer pressure on most kids is like pushing down on warm butter. It’s a bit squicky and will take the form of whatever you make it. It’s why the left, which currently runs the mainstream entertainment, social media, and news industries, has had such success in making being gay, lesbian, or trans a fun thing to be.

According to the American Spectator, a new Gallup poll recently showed us that when it comes to being LGBT, young leftists adopt that identity for themselves more than anyone:

The age difference is stark: while only 2 percent of Baby boomers identify as LGBT, that number increases to 15.9 percent — nearly one in six — among Gen Z adults, which includes people ages 18 to 23. Similarly, political affiliation has a strong correlation to LGBT identity. Thirteen percent of liberals identify as LGBT, while only 2.3 percent of conservatives do.

When one examines both age and political identification, a startling trend emerges: young people who are politically liberal identify as LGBT at astronomic rates.

30.7 percent of Gen Z liberal adults, those born from 1997 to 2002, identify as LGBT, Gallup told The American Spectator. This finding has a margin of error of +/- 6 percent.

Meanwhile, 6.6 percent of Gen Z conservative adults identify as LGBT.

How many of them are actually gay or lesbian? My first guess would be to look at the numbers of older generations that didn’t feel the pressure to be LGBT as a kid and are far more resistant to peer pressure today, the boomers. The real number likely hovers somewhere within the two percent mark, and that’s reflected in conservative numbers as well as their political ideology mostly shields them from mainstream peer pressure.

Before I get emails and messages asking me “what’s wrong with being gay” I want to say that it’s not the being gay or lesbian part I’m that worried about. Many of these kids will likely grow out of that phase no worse for the wear, many of them looking back on that time in the same way Gen X looks back on their 80’s hair, or millennials look back at their scene kid days. In fact, I’m willing to bet that most of them aren’t even gay or bi, they just like that the title makes them sound dynamic and interesting. I’m also more than willing to bet the majority of them are girls, and that being temporarily romantic with other girls is a fun way to get attention…especially from the boys.

It’s the transgender aspect that I’m more worried about, as that kind of identity comes with some very awful side effects, including massive amounts of depression. According to a 2018 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, half of the teenagers who identify as transgender attempt suicide with female to male adolescents reporting the highest number at 50.8 percent.

It’s also made far more worrisome given the fact that our mainstream culture, and even our governmental body, has people within it that make transitioning seem like a fun, harmless, and healthy thing to do.

This is evidenced by the report I released not long ago about a Planned Parenthood whistleblower who pulled back the veil on how the abortion giant is now wheeling kids (namely young girls) through the door and dosing them up with hormone drugs to help them transition. According to the whistleblower, young girls would show up to the clinics together, acting in the same manner as a group of girls going out to the mall to get their ears pierced.

(READ: Planned Parenthood Found a New Way to Profit off of Hurting Children and It Explains a Lot)

The left has taken what is a very dangerous mental disorder and made it trendy, pushing left-leaning kids into clinics to do something that is pretty irreversible to their bodies. Gender dysphoria is a very dangerous mental disorder and one that shouldn’t be considered a good time to be had. People kill themselves over the depression it causes and the left believes that forcing it down our children’s throats is a good idea because…well, it looks good to fight for it to certain activist groups and their future voters.

It’s very sickening when you think about it.


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