Frog Meet Scorpion: Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden Are Getting a Hard Lesson About Betrayal and the Nature of Democrats

If you were a pro-life Christian who thought the Biden administration was going to really do some cracking down on the abortion industry, the only question I have for you is “why?” What did they think was going to happen?


Democrats from top to bottom have made abortion access one of their key issues for decades now, and they have made a very lucrative industry around it that pays dividends in the form of campaign contributions and advertising from organizations like Planned Parenthood. Believing, as a thinking human, that the Democrats were suddenly going to reign in their dependence on something so lucrative and divisive is just stupid, and I mean that word to its very definition. That was stupid.

As my colleague Bonchie covered earlier, the Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden were that stupid and are now admitting that they were duped according to a statement they released.

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“We feel used and betrayed,” wrote the group who supported the head of a party that’s treated abortion as one of its many draws for years now.

I can’t help but harken back to the old story of the scorpion and the frog. For those of you who don’t know the tale, it’s a simple one with a simple lesson.


A scorpion was trying to cross a river but knew that if it tried to swim it, it would drown. It asks a nearby frog to help carry it across, but the frog is naturally nervous, telling the scorpion that might sting it during the crossing. The scorpion promises it won’t and the frog relents, allowing the scorpion to climb up on its back. Midway through the swim, the scorpion stings the frog, and as they both sink to their doom the frog asks why the scorpion did it.

“I couldn’t help it. It’s in my nature,” responds the scorpion.

I’m guessing the pro-life Biden voters never heard of this fable because it imparts the very simple lesson that some people or groups can’t help themselves in terms of their actions or decisions. A group that garners a good chunk of its power and money thanks to the murder of children is going to keep on murdering children to retain said power and money. The influence Planned Parenthood has on the Democrats (and visa-versa) is so intertwined that they’re practically synonymous.

This is the organization that, upon its 101st birthday, had a death count of over 7 million, all of which was done to the applause of the Democrat party.


If the pro-life Christians who voted for Biden thought anything different was going to happen, then they weren’t paying attention or didn’t look into the Biden administration or Democrat party enough. They were duped because they chose to be. The writing was on the wall. Now they share the blame for any power the abortion industry will get back under the scorpion that is the Biden/Harris administration.

Christianity is not a backer of abortion and if a Democrat is saying they’ll “talk” about abortion with one side of their mouth while they’re trumpeting, very loudly, that they’ll expand abortion access out of the other then believe the louder claim.


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