Tom Cotton Creates Inspiring Message Explaining Why the Flag Is Backward on Military Uniforms

If you’ve ever wondered why the American flag patch is backward on military uniforms, then Sen. Tom Cotton has the explanation, and once you hear it, its symbolism will inspire you.


As Cotton explained during his CPAC speech, the reason the patch is backward has everything to do with what the flag looks like to our military while it’s charging forward.

“It goes back to the days of cavalry charges,” said Cotton. “When our soldiers would charge into battle the flag would fly in the wind and if you’re on the right side of the formation (and the flag is worn on the right shoulder) it would appear backwards.”

“So our soldiers wear that flag backwards on their uniform still today to remind everyone that our army always advances, it never retreats,” said Cotton.

”And I think that’s a pretty good lesson for us today,” said Cotton. “When America is under assault and conservatives are under attack we will never retreat. We will never surrender, and we will always defend and protect the United States of America.”

Cotton is hitting on a theme heard throughout CPAC. Republicans and conservatives took a major blow in the last election with Donald Trump’s loss and the loss of the House and Senate, but continuing to stand up and fight is more important than it’s ever been due to the fact that we have some very real threats against America both outside of it, and very much inside of it.


The Biden administration can be described accurately as extreme in almost all of its approaches. He barely made it a month before he was bombing other countries and one of his health secretaries is looking to push transgenderism on young children. Big Tech is attacking conservatives and censoring them with abandon and our schools are literally being used as centers to teach your children to hate their own country.

Despite the loss, charging forward is necessary, and fighting back is the only real option if we’re going to keep this country from going down the drain.


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