The Media's Ridiculous Anti-Republican Stances Cause Very Real Damage

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Lately, I’ve been trying to bring attention to the fact that the media isn’t really a public service and is, in reality, a business with a vested interest in making you watch in order to grow its advertising dollars and to accomplish an agenda.

I even made a video about it.

At the end of the video, I pointed out how the media literally causes more damage to the very things it touches and used the story of Harvard Economist Roland Fryer as proof. Fryer set out to find whether the police actually make things worse off in black communities and found the exact opposite, but did note that situations within these communities deteriorated when the mainstream media focused on them, such as Ferguson and Baltimore. Upon bringing this information to media outlets, they effectively told him to keep this info to himself.

Fast forward to today, and the media is still doing things that harm people. Take, for instance, its latest attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis whose policies kept Florida from economic collapse and kept more people safe from COVID-19 than the draconian policies found in New York and California.

From Guy Benson at TownHall, who covered NBC News’s overt attack on DeSantis by attempting to paint him as “slow to respond” and attacking him for (and I’m not kidding) prioritizing the elderly for COVID-19 vaccinations over many other groups:

Incredible. The opening sentences of this garbage story – written by an NBC News reporter named Corky Siemaszko – exhibit hall of fame levels of hackery, bias, and self-owning. Corky simply asserts that DeSantis was “slow to respond” to COVID in general (in reality, he quickly prioritized protecting seniors, unlike certain others) and that the vaccine distribution process in Florida has been “marked by chaos” (the state’s overall vaccination rate is a tick above average; 24th of 50, according to The New York Times’ tracker). Florida has also done rather well on COVID death rates, while avoiding punitive economic harm, and while successfully keeping schools open throughout the current academic year. Normal people look at this data and call it a success. Fanatical DeSantis despisers see failure because failure is what their faith requires them to see, no matter what.

Corky somehow decided it would reflect poorly on Florida’s governor to note that he “ignored federal guidelines and prioritized senior citizens” for vaccinations. On this, Corky is correct on the facts, but wrong on the implications. He seems to think this is an example of DeSantis recklessly going rogue. In fact, it demonstrates the Florida government’s foresight, as the plan rightly protected the population most likely by far to become gravely ill or die from the virus – an approach that was vindicated when the federal guidelines were changed to align with Florida’s strategy. DeSantis ensured that the most at-risk demographic, including Holocaust survivors, receive their injections first. Two million-plus Florida seniors have now gotten injections. What a monster.

It takes only light research to see that the vast majority of the people who have died of COVID-19 were elderly Americans. As such, DeSantis put them first in line for the vaccine. A common-sense move if ever there was one.

Yet, here we have an agenda-driven media literally attempting to tell you that despite DeSantis’s success in running his state during the pandemic both economically and medically, and despite the fact that his decisions to vaccinate the elderly first aren’t just based on science but common sense, you still have a mainstream media blatantly trying to sell you on the fact that what he’s doing is just a bad idea all around. In fact, they attempted to make it seem like he’s only doing it because elderly people vote Republican.

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is responsible for the deaths of 15,000 elderly New Yorkers, and unless you’ve been really paying attention, you likely don’t know the extent of his failure to keep New Yorkers safe, much less be truthful about it.

The media is currently punishing a man for doing the right thing and succeeding, especially during a pandemic. DeSantis is a man to be followed and imitated, not derided and attacked.

How many people will read the mainstream media’s coverage of the matter and be scared into pushing their elected officials to go the route of places like California and New York where the economies are crashing and the infection rates are high?

The media hopes a lot because the media always wants Democrats to have more power. They don’t care about you. They’re a business with an agenda.


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