Tucker Carlson Shows You How the Media Takes Corruption to Olympian Levels

Photo via Gage Skidmore

The entity that is the mainstream media is corrupt to the point of being completely open in their actions as they tell everyone they’re an unbiased, pure-hearted group of organizations just looking out for you. They claim to be of service to you while they tell you that you’re one of the biggest threats to this nation, cry tears of joy when their favored politicians are elected, and tell every story with a bent that is beneficial to them and their friends.

As Tucker Carlson points out in Tuesday’s monologue, the mainstream media is “more corrupt than Jimmy Hoffa ever was” and that you’ll get fairer treatment from inner-city DMV than you ever will from CNN.

The levels of corruption that the mainstream media achieves are Olympian according to Carlson, who puts up example after example to prove his point, starting with the heap of praise they piled on top of Kamala Harris shortly after Biden won the election. One reporter after another painted Harris as a goddess who is so perfect in every way that she’d make Mary Poppins jealous.

Carlson doesn’t stop there. He shows you CNN’s Don Lemon crying after Biden’s win, and weeping as he told everyone that they are welcome under the Democrat’s tent. The Fox News host highlighted that everyone doesn’t include except for the people who disagree with anything they say; they’re going to jail.

Carlson continued by pointing out New York Times reporters who said they have “chills.” He highlighted CNN’s political director David Chalian saying the lights coming from the Lincoln Memorial were like extensions of Joe Biden’s arms wrapping themselves around America.

“The thing about journalism is it’s not an individual achievement,” said Carlson. “It’s about the group. In journalism, it’s the collective spirit that matters. Like synchronized swimmers or certain species of insects, journalists move together in concert. As a heard if you will.”

“When Joe Biden writes a talking point they repeat it, not just a few of them, but all of them in precisely the same way,” said Carlson.

Carlson compared journalists to the North Korean gymnastics team on Kim Il Song day, moving as one. To illustrate his point, Carlson plays clips of reporters across various networks repeating the same line over and over again with the buzzwords “truth, science, and transparency.”

The parade of examples continues, ending with the journalists giggling and fawning over the Bidens during Valentine’s Day. Journalists hurled compliments at the Bidens such as “I love your dog” and asking them how their love will heal this nation. One reporter promised to bring them donuts.

Watching the people whose jobs it is to report objective truth and tell the stories that we need to hear literally giggling and nearly becoming weepy over being handed a cup of coffee by the President is nauseating because we can see right before our eyes our reporters telling us they’re not going to give us the real story.

They love Democrats and they especially love the Bidens like they love their grandparents. We can see these journalists effectively saying they’re going to protect them. They won’t let them down.

This is why I reiterate time and time again that we need to stop looking at the media as a public service. These people aren’t looking out for you. They’re not telling you the real story. They’re selling you an agenda, sensationalism, and in this case, they’re selling you love for the Bidens.

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