New York Democrat Lawmakers Rise In Rebellion, Push to Impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo Over COVID-19 Lies

New York Democrat Lawmakers Rise In Rebellion, Push to Impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo Over COVID-19 Lies
Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was riding high on his media-born reputation as the guiding light by which all leaders should conduct themselves, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, but as more information comes to light and it’s clear that Cuomo’s leadership killed thousands, New York Democrats are rising up against him.

According to Fox News, nine New York Democrat Assembly members signed a letter to their fellow lawmakers accusing Cuomo of obstruction of justice and asking them to join them in opposition to him regardless of party affiliation:

The letter comes after an aide in Cuomo’s administration admitted that data regarding nursing home coronavirus deaths were intentionally withheld from state lawmakers. Cuomo has been accused of contributing to the high number of nursing home casualties due to a March 2020 directive that prohibited nursing homes from turning away people because they had COVID-19.

“We implore you to set aside any concerns of loyalty or disloyalty to this Governor, or that this matter is politicized,” said the letter, dated Tuesday. “We must absolutely consider above all the sanctity of the democratic institution that we call the Legislature of the State of New York, and resolutely pursue justice in the face of an executive who we can say without hesitation has engaged in intentional criminal wrongdoing.”

The rebellion began when Cuomo’s decision to put elderly New Yorkers infected with COVID-19 into unsecured nursing homes spread the virus and cost the lives of what is predicted to be around 15,000 people according to ABC News. Democrats began speaking out against Cuomo little by little when it came out that the numbers his administration originally gave were far fewer as a result of attempting to manipulate the numbers by classifying them as “hospital deaths” instead of “nursing home deaths.”

When Secretary to the Governor, Melissa DeRosa, admitted the administration intentionally kept the data hidden out of fear it would make the administration look bad, New York lawmakers on both sides of the aisle became angry and demanded an investigation. Cuomo responded by accusing New Yorkers of being guilty of transmitting the virus to elderly people in nursing homes and that these New York politicians calling for an investigation were attempting “extortion” and thus doing something illegal.

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Lawmakers are accusing Cuomo of “obstruction of justice” by withholding the data “[i]n an attempt to circumvent a United States Department of Justice probe, and despite a joint hearing held by the State Legislature last August in which representatives of the Cuomo administration were compelled to testify and answer crucial questions to our body.”

“This is a necessary first step in beginning to right the criminal wrongs of this Governor and his administration,” the letter continued.

The letter also mentions taking action against Cuomo such as stripping away his emergency powers and beginning impeachment proceedings against him.

Cuomo claims that his administration didn’t give the numbers to the New York State Assembly and Senate because he was busy fulfilling the DOJ request, but New York lawmakers like Alessandra Biaggi have shot that down as a lie.

“No, @NYGovCuomo, you did not tell the *entire* Senate or Assembly that there was a DOJ investigation, as the reason why you didn’t share the nursing home numbers,” Biaggi tweeted. “I found out about a DOJ investigation with the rest of NY’ers in the @nypost story Thursday night.”

Andrew Cuomo is likely going to find himself against the ropes as momentum gains for this rebellion. By the time the smoke clears, Cuomo may be going down as one of the worst Governors in the history of America.

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