It's Not the NRA Biden Is Standing Up To

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Big talk Biden sure does love telling everyone he’s going to stick it to the National Rifle Association and bring that gun problem America is having under control.

Only President Joe Biden isn’t really talking about the NRA when he’s talking about bringing the gun problem under control, he’s talking about you. The “NRA” is just a leftist buzzword that is now a catchall phrase for gun rights and gun ownership in America.

Fox News reported that Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently reiterated Biden’s promise that he’s going after that big bad NRA, because that’s just what leftists do when they want to sound like they’re tackling the problem the left has created when it comes to gun violence:

Psaki said, “We haven’t proposed a package at this point, so it’s hard for me to make a prediction about the likelihood of passing.”

“But I will say that the president is somebody, throughout his career, who has advocated for smart gun, smart gun safety measures,” Psaki said. “He is not afraid of standing up to the NRA – he has done it multiple times.”

Psaki said gun control is “a priority to him on a personal level.”

“I don’t have a prediction for you, or a preview for you on a timeline of a package, and certainly not what it will look like and how it goes through Congress,” she maintained.


Here’s the issue. The NRA isn’t really the most massive threat to any leftist agenda when it comes to firearms. While it is the most well-known organization standing in the way of the left’s attempts to steamroll over the 2nd Amendment within the Constitution, it’s far from the only one. A myriad of gun rights organizations have popped up and they’ll definitely pose a problem.

But that’s not the real issue for the Democrats here. The thing that will pose a really big problem for the Democrats is the American people themselves.

As I wrote not long ago, a recent Fox News article pointed out that the FBI tracked a massive amount of gun background checks that went north of 4 million:

The FBI conducted more than 4.3 million gun background checks in January 2021 – the highest number of checks completed during a single month in the agency’s recorded history – as one expert says the staggering figure indicates a “growing” demand for firearms from the American public.

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) completed 4,317,804 total background checks in January of this year, marking the start of 2021 with the highest number of checks conducted in a one-month period, according to agency data. Excluding federal-level checks, such as those conducted for federal law enforcement agents, the bureau conducted 4,288,240 state-level background checks, said Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting Chief Economist Jurgen Brauer.

Gun background checks are indicative of sales trends, though don’t translate directly to the number of unit sales. For example, someone can buy multiple firearms at once and have only one background check conducted.

Now keep in mind that a background check does not equal the purchase of a single gun. It could mean the purchase of two or more guns.

So that means we have over four million new guns in the hands of private citizens, and that’s on top of the millions of guns that had been purchased during the Obama administration’s era. That’s not to say that gun sales didn’t slack during Trump’s presidency either. In fact, they hit records there too.

And it’s the Trump-era gun purchases that should really clue the Democrats into why they’re going to have some issues with interfering with 2A rights.

The reason they purchased so many firearms during the Trump era wasn’t that they were scared of Trump coming down on their rights, they were scared that their city or neighborhood was going to get hit with the scourge that was the Democrat-inspired riots and protests that had brought with it assaults, murders, businesses burned to the ground and private homes threatened.

Biden’s attempts to make guns or magazine types illegal are going to fall flat, mainly because the American people won’t let it happen. The idea that they’ll suddenly let go of the protection they acquired after Democrats inspired to buy them to buy it in the first place?

The American people aren’t required to register their firearms upon purchase. If Biden thinks he’s going to suddenly have an unarmed America, he’s dreaming.


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