Tom Brady Is Now Being Accused of Racism for...Winning the Super Bowl

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

If you want to know how up its own keester the social justice left has gotten, then here’s your perfect example right here.

According to them, Buccaneer’s QB Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl during Black History Month is problematic in the same way everything is problematic to the woke left; it’s racist.


How is it racist? Many of them can’t say. It apparently just feels like it is.


These are just a few of them too.

Is it racist? Not even a little bit.

If Brady had made it clear that he was playing because he needed to defeat another QB because he was black, or continued to throw racial slurs at the opposing team while promising to beat them because of their race, then yes, it would have been a racist victory. Thing is, nothing like that happened.

The victory wasn’t about race, it was about winning a football game. Not one player on either team, including the black players on the Buccaneer’s team, were thinking that it would racist to win the Super Bowl.

The fact that racism was even an idea to cross the minds of those who watched Tom Brady win is more indicative of just how infested our society is with the lie that is “social justice.” The only thing they can boil down Tom Brady to is his skin color, not the skill, work, or even the team he worked with (many of whom are black) to achieve the victory he did.


Social justice is a shallow ideology that makes shallow people. It makes no room for nuance or context. It definitely doesn’t make people understanding of one another or make room for the tolerance and acceptance that the left had preached for so long. What it really is is a mental disease that rots the host from the mind out, and makes people think stupid thoughts about everyday subjects.

It makes them hateful, spiteful, bigoted, and so ridiculous to the point that even declaring a white man winning the Super Bowl is racist.


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