"Woke" Culture Has the West in a State of Arrested Development

(AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

As a socio-political critic and journalist, I’ve recently faced a massive issue while writing opinion pieces about the things I see.

Things aren’t changing.

We seem to be stuck in an endless loop of people saying and doing stupid things that should be sideshow articles about weird things that people are doing in this day and age. Instead, these sideshow subjects have become the main topics of conversation in government, professional, medical, and activist fields. These events and subjects seem to have forced western society into a sort of arrested development. We’re not evolving as a culture or learning new things. We’re not delving into new philosophies that advance the human mind and thus its condition.

Instead, we’re arguing over whether or not women can be men. Institutions of medicine and science are encouraging their staff to use gender neutral language that tosses out long-known facts in favor of not offending anyone.

Take, for instance, the use of the word “chestfeeding” in hospitals so as not to offend anyone who identifies as a sex they aren’t according to the Daily Wire:

In Great Britain, a group of hospitals has instructed midwives in their maternity departments to use different terms when treating transgender patients in order to be more “gender-inclusive,” substituting “chestfeeding” for “breastfeeding” and replacing “breastmilk” with ““human milk” or “breast/chestmilk” or “milk from the feeding mother or parent.”

“Terms like ‘chestfeeding’ and ‘human milk’ are being introduced at an NHS trust in a bid to boost inclusivity,” Bristol Live reports. “Staff have been asked to use gender-neutral language alongside – not instead of – traditional terms to ensure that all groups are represented.”

This is societal retardation, and I’m using that word in a very dictionary definitive way. We know men aren’t women. We know that gender doesn’t spin off into a myriad of different types. There are only two, with very rare medical exemptions caused by mutations. This is all scientific fact, yet a great many in our society have been led to believe that make-believe genders are very real and backed by science themselves…that science being some people in the medical field proclaiming that gender is malleable.

This is out of control idiocy that is holding our society back from actually focusing on the science that would advance us. Our understanding of our own bodies is being polluted and molested until absolute confusion and misunderstanding dominate everything from our conversations to our textbooks. Somewhere, in a different dimension, we’re curing cancer and killing viruses. We’re finding out what it really is that makes our bodies healthy, but no.

We’re currently having the idea that gender is fluid being shoved down our throats, and more importantly, the throats of our children who never lived in a time when common sense ruled.

Moreover, take our society’s fascination with socialism, a continuously failed economic system that has killed far more people in its implementation than it ever helped. People have gotten into homemade rafts made of doors and planks of salvaged wood in order to float across miles of ocean to America in order to escape it. Our elders who had to experience it first hand warn younger generations about the nightmare that it is.

Yet, too many in our society truly believe that socialism (or even worse, communism) is the only method by which to cure every evil humanity is plagued by. They believe that the reason socialism has failed in the past is that it’s never really been tried and that if only they would be given the reins of the economic system over America, then this time it would truly work.

Dr. Jordan Peterson addressed that very line of thinking, and I can’t respond to these people better than he put it.

I sit here at my computer, day after day, watching as things become worse and worse. In 2010, when I began my career as a political writer, I would have considered it a far-fetched idea that we would be where we are now. When rumblings of the transgender activist movement finding its feet first began in late 2015, I called it a fad that compared to the emo movement.

Now it’s attached itself to the intersectional ideological framework of woke leftism, and it’s used as both a sword and shield against common sense. Socialism is now so accepted as a legitimate form of administering over a state that we have loud and proud socialists walking the halls of Washington as elected officials.

Regression has sunk into the heart of the United States and frozen any hope of advancement.

My heart breaks, not just for this country, but also for the west. Its adherence to Judeo-Christian values, its focus on family bonds, and its fascination with science (true science) made western civilization one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind. Now, thanks to an adherence to doctrines that completely break from reality, the west is sinking below the waves.

Every day, I write about the same problems over and over again. Our leaders we send to make things right continue to prove to be ineffectual, and at best only delay the destruction of the west. The left continues to stop everything that could advance us, be it open conversation or the practice of actual science.

The question is, what is it that we need to do in order to fix the problem? Somewhere out there is an answer on how to reverse this rot that’s infected our country from within. There’s an answer we haven’t discovered yet.

I just fear that before that answer is found, things are going to get far more barbaric.



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