Trump Is Still Deciding What Democrats Do

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

A common theme has been popping up in discussions about how and why the Democrats make the odd decisions they do.

We have verifiable evidence that lax border security leads to a massive increase in crime and a worsening economy, yet Democrats continue to play in a fantasy world where illegal immigration only enriches the United States and makes every situation imaginable better. They halted the construction of the border wall and effectively told ICE to stand down. Our borders, while not open, have become effectively useless; a simple line separating one country from another.

It will be us that pays for all of this, not them. Democrats have been around long enough to know these issues are going to arise and that it will be expensive in terms of both dollars and lives. They even admitted as much themselves just over a decade ago when they were speaking out against illegal immigration and supporting a border wall. This includes Biden himself.

It’s also clear that the United States is going to suffer quite a bit if the Keystone XL Pipeline is shut down. Thousands of jobs will be lost and the risk to the environment will actually increase due to transportation CO2 costs as well as potential wrecks and spills as a University of Alberta study showed that rail and truck transport of crude oil not only results in more spills but emits far more CO2.

It’s common sense to close and protect your borders from illegal immigrants. It’s common sense to continue the construction of a pipeline when you have the information in front of you telling you that it’s better for the environment to have it than to not. It’s clearly going to kill a lot of American jobs if you do stop construction of the border wall or the pipeline, and since both projects clearly benefit America, why shut them down?

If the Biden administration has proved anything, it’s that it’s willing to keep its word…to one part of the Democratic Party — the extremist part of it. It was the goal of many on the radical left to do everything that Biden is doing right now. The old guard is completely beholden to these new blood Democrats that want to feel good rather than do good.

And if there’s one thing they feel above all other things it’s a hatred for former President Donald Trump.

Even though he’s out of office, they want to impeach him. Even though the things that he did benefit America, they want to shut them down.

Trump is still living rent-free in the heads of Democrats and more or less everything they’re doing right now is being done because they just want to spite him. To be clear, this is a country being run on spite, not common sense.

I don’t think I need to tell you how dangerous this kind of administration style is, mainly because you’ve already seen what happens. If Democrats are effectively giving themselves permission to make decisions based on their hatred of one person, they can kill off thousands of jobs and do irreparable damage to the lives of millions of Americans through increases in poverty and crime.

Trump did something to them that they can’t ignore. He caused them to lose, and that’s unforgivable. They will continue to dog him and anyone who supports him or his policies no matter their voting habits or ideological positions on anything else.

This is why it’s more than important that in the upcoming midterms, we vote as many out as we possibly can. The Democrats are angry and firing wildly at anything that remotely resembles Trump. Only it won’t be Trump that really gets hit, it will be you.


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