Who Watches the Watchers?

Who Watches the Watchers?
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We often talk about the elite in our country and how they manipulate events through money and influence in order to keep themselves in power and wealth, but the country is slowly but surely waking up to the fact that elitism is kept in place in no small part thanks to the mainstream media.

Be it ABC, CNN, or the New York Times, the mainstream news media is the filter through which the world is presented to those of us who can’t be at any given event in person to see it for ourselves. Explanations about goings-on are given through their questions to “experts” they choose to describe the details of any given happening.

The underlying trust in this media is just a given for most Americans. Flipping on the television or opening up a browser almost immediately presents us with news from one of these mainstream sources. Stories are taken as fact right off the bat. Very little is done to investigate whether or not the story presented to them is real, because most Americans don’t feel they need to dig deeper than what they’re being served.

However, what most Americans don’t understand is what I’ve been saying for a while now. The media isn’t a service; it’s a business with a vested interest in making you pay attention to it. It wants viewers and clicks, and knows that in order to attract you into performing one of those actions, it must make things a bit more interesting than they actually are.

On top of that, the media is controlled by humans, and every human has a bias. It can’t be helped. During this period in our history, bias to the hard-left has infected our media so completely that many reports are straight-up lies. Even “fact-checkers” play with words in order to make a completely factual statement from the right seem “mostly false.”

A perfect example is the “fact-checking” done on AOC’s claim about what happened to her during the Capitol riot on January 6. Actually, it wasn’t “fact-checking” at all. Snopes, a self-proclaimed non-partisan, fact-checking website openly lambasted the right’s “disinformation machine” about AOC’s provably false encounter.

Ocasio-Cortez made wild claims about hateful police officers, having to hide in her office bathroom for safety, and even went so far as to claim Ted Cruz tried to have her murdered. However, a look into what really happened on January 6 and where AOC said she was, proves that these claims are completely false. Her claims were even disproven by Rep. Nancy Mace, who was just two doors down from AOC herself.

(READ: AOC Is Furiously Attempting to Discredit Rep. Nancy Mace as She Disproves AOC’s Riot Story but She’s Failing Miserably)

The mainstream press, thought of as a service, is actually an agenda-driven agency with goals to accomplish. These goals are many, but they all point in one direction; complete and total domination of both narrative and societal control by the left.

Take, for instance, the attempts by the leftist press to hit Dana White and the UFC for continuing business in the age of COVID-19. White, the UFC’s president, created a video detailing the press’s attempts at shaming and villainizing the UFC into shutting down. White kept it open while taking precautions against the virus, becuase he understood that shutting down his business would result in many of his workers going broke when they have families to feed.

White released a video detailing the response he got from the press over his decision to keep the UFC going, and it really highlights just how biased and ruthless they can be.

Even just cruising down RedState’s front page on any given day will show you the bias that the mainstream media has and the agendas it’s working to carry out.

The bottom line is that the media is part of the elite class. The people who watch and report aren’t really watching and reporting; they’re interpreting and selling.

So if the watchers can’t be trusted, who do we trust?

I could easily tell you to trust sites like RedState, or the Daily Wire and more; however it should be understood that we too have biases and report things through the lens we see the world through. While I can safely say that we always strive for truth and frown on manipulation in order to make you believe something that isn’t true for our own benefit, we’re still biased.

The real anathema to the mainstream media problem is the average citizen and an internet connection.

You’ll notice there’s a lot of talk about “misinformation” and cracking down on falsehoods on the internet. What they really mean to say is that they’re censoring and silencing in order to crack down on narratives that contradict and disprove the ones being put forth by the elite class. While not every wild conspiracy theory needs to be heeded, and misinformation does exist, narrowing down the playing field so that only one piece of misinformation can circulate around isn’t any better.

Citizen journalists are now more powerful and more influential than ever. One video from a nobody can reach millions more than a news report on NBC could ever hope to. Some citizen journalists have a much larger following with much more trust given them than major networks. Their influence can be seen in the way the people react to certain news items from the elite class.

It’s imperative that we keep this kind of power from the people alive. Any attempts at cracking down on “misinformation,” as the elite call it, needs to be fought against tooth and nail. Any attempts at censorship need to be pushed back on and defeated the moment they arise.

You are the thing that will bring down the media’s vast and seemingly impenatrable hold on the media.

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