Ted Cruz Points out How Biden Lied to Working-Class People to Help the Wealthy Elite

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz wanted to point out a huge cultural shift within the Democrat Party and make it clear that the party is still riding to success on a blatant lie. A lie that is specifically benefiting Joe Biden and his administration.


Cruz and Michael Knowles were discussing the subject of how Democrats and Republicans were perceived by the general public on an episode of Cruz’s podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz.” Knowles said that Republicans were always looked at as the party of the rich, Wall Street goons, and establishment Hedge Funders. However, Knowles noted that the people defending the rich establishment during this ongoing Wall Street revolt aren’t Republicans, but establishment Democrats.

Knowles asked Cruz if the reality about the Democrat Party being the rich establishment is settling in for the general public.

“Yes it’s settling in and it’s driving the Democrats crazy,” said Cruz.

Cruz went on to say that the Democrats are the actual party of the rich, big tech, Wall Street, Hollywood, and more.

“It’s actually one of the reasons today’s Democrats are so pro-China — they’re so in bed with communist China,” he continued. “It’s because all of their patrons, all of the people writing them checks and funding what they’re doing are in bed with China.”

Cruz answered who the Democrats aren’t in support of with a shrug.

“Working men and women, blue-collar workers, union members,” said Cruz.

“Neither one of us are old enough to remember FDR,” Cruz said to Knowles, “but there was a time where FDR — where union workers — a steelworker, was the prototypical Democrat voter, and actually you look at Joe Biden…Joe Biden’s whole political career has been marketing that he’s the kid from Scranton. That he was the blue-collar working-class kid from Scranton.”


“And what does he do? He gets elected and literally within minutes of being sworn in, he takes out a pen and destroys thousands upon thousands of blue-collar union jobs,” said Cruz.

The thousands of jobs Cruz is referring to is the Keystone XL Pipeline the construction of which was terminated on day one of Biden’s presidency. With the stroke of a pen, Biden terminated the jobs of thousands of pipeline workers. In the proceeding days, Cruz questioned Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about how so many people will get back on their feet to which Buttigieg said there would be green jobs popping up in the future that he hopes will be filled by these workers.

Biden and Buttigieg both seem to fundamentally misunderstand how these workers operate. As one pipeline worker pointed out, while all construction jobs are temporary, a lot of training goes into working on specific kinds of jobs. It would be the same as telling Biden or Buttigieg to begin a new career all over again.


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This complete misunderstanding of how not all blue-collar work is the same is further proof of Cruz’s point. The Democrats are incredibly detached from the average American, especially the American blue-collar worker.

The Democrats are undoubtedly the party of the elite, no matter how much they like to pretend not to be.


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