Adam Carolla Chews Up and Spits Out Newsom's Ridiculous Lockdown and Sorry Leadership

Adam Carolla Chews Up and Spits Out Newsom's Ridiculous Lockdown and Sorry Leadership
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Comedian and podcast extraordinaire Adam Carolla went on the offensive against California Governor Gavin Newsom, making it clear what he thinks of the governor and what he’s done to California.

Carolla appeared on FOX Business with Stuart Varney while on “Varney & Co” and the two got onto the topic of the California lockdowns. The comedian made it clear that he believes that Newsom’s lockdown wasn’t really based on science, but was more politically motivated than anything else.

“If it wasn’t political, he probably wouldn’t have had all the restrictions in place in the first place,” Carolla told Varney.

According to Fox News, Carolla told Varney that he believes California is “horribly run” and gave an example of how wasteful and ridiculous it is, saying he witnessed sprinklers running on state property while it rained as reports of “unemployment fraud” was being reported on the radio.

“We water in a drought state while it rains outside and then give $31 billion away to felons,” he said. “Probably not the greatest run state.”

Currently, a recall effort is underway for Newsom, whose lockdowns have brought California’s economy crashing into the dirt while failing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, resulting in one of the most infected states in the nation.

Carolla has not at all been shy about his criticism about how the left has handled the Coronavirus pandemic, noting that Republican-controlled states that are typically freer than Democrat-controlled states do a lot better in curbing the infection rates.

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Newsom’s lockdown measures have proven to be demonstrably damaging and useless as numbers coming out of his state, vs. Republican states have made it clear who had the right idea.

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