Adam Carolla's Response to an Angry COVID Troll on Twitter Is So Perfect It Should Be in Textbooks

Comedian Adam Carolla is one of those comedians who sees through the veil of bullsh*t we throw up to make our society politically correct and, combined with his natural wit and people’s propensity to try to defend the veil at all costs, you get golden moments like the one below.


On Monday, a Twitter user named “AllTimeTopTen” became angry at Los Angeles’s high number of people infected with COVID-19. He lashed out at those who he claims aren’t taking the virus seriously, specifically at Carolla, whom he tagged in the post.

“If you get injured in a car accident in LA tonight, you’re f**ked. There are no hospital beds available. Good job, dipsh*ts that don’t take the virus seriously,” tweeted AllTime.

Carolla fired back and hit a bullseye.

“LA needs to lock down harder and longer until we can get our numbers down to levels of cities that didn’t lock down,” responded Carolla.

News has abounded that COVID-19 cases have skyrocketed in California where lockdown measures have been nothing short of draconian. However, Carolla’s joke is really only a half-joke. Areas that didn’t lock down are doing far better in terms of case rates than California.

Florida is one of the states with the least lockdown measures taken and is doing far better than California could even hope. In fact, both Texas and Florida’s case rates combined don’t equal out to California’s, and Texas is also a state that has released most of its lockdown measures.


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Carolla’s point is easily gleaned. Stop locking down California and the infection rates will begin to drop. His proof is Florida and Texas.

However, it’s unlikely that the safety of the people is really the reason for many of these lockdowns. For one, California leadership, and indeed Democrat leadership in general, doesn’t follow their own lockdown orders and will gladly violate the rules they set for everyone else in order to continue living as they normally would.

If California does have a shortage of hospital beds then you can blame the politicians in charge, not the people just living their lives.



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