Graph Showing Difference in Case Rates Between Florida and California Is a Wake-Up Call for America

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

It wasn’t long ago when Florida was opening the state up from its lockdown and allowing Americans to get back to work and live their lives as they normally would and Dr. Anthony Fauci was saying that the state was asking for more trouble. Meanwhile, California was implementing draconian measures on its citizens that its own leaders weren’t even following.


Fast forward to the end of the year, and results show that the left and its elitist friends couldn’t have been more wrong. Florida is far better off than California according to a new graph, and it’s not even close.

Just to add some more perspective on how useless the lockdowns are, let’s throw Texas’s numbers into the mix. You’ll see that California still has a higher number of cases than both Florida and Texas combined.

The above graph shouldn’t come as a surprise. There has been little to no evidence that lockdowns actually help control the virus. In fact, you were far more likely to catch COVID-19 indoors. When you’re forcing Americans into confined spaces after only allowing them to go to certain locations for groceries or supplies, you’re going to concentrate the virus into these locations where more people are likely to contract it.


That’s not even considering the fact that the lockdowns have killed people without the virus’s help.

It’s common sense, yet authoritarians didn’t seem to rely on common sense when making decisions. They certainly didn’t believe in the lockdowns themselves as their own actions have shown us.

It’s interesting that the virus only thrives in authoritarian places where people are treated like children and the government makes their decisions for them. It’s proof that a one-size-fits-all kind of approach the lives of so many over the vast distance of a large country does not work, even within a state.

More importantly, it shows that the draconian measures taken by many of these people who abuse their power were massive mistakes, showing that many of these people have no idea what they’re doing or talking about. Even Fauci, the man whom the left and the media look to as an infallible hero has recently confessed that he has been lying about numbers in order to manipulate the people into behaving how he wants them to.

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Too many Americans have been suffering from the lockdowns, be it depression from isolation or watching their businesses and livelihoods sink further and further into the mud. It’s time to end these lockdowns and free the people of America.


If there’s one thing this virus is teaching us, it’s that exerting power over people is not helping them in the least.


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