There's a Time and Place for "Whataboutism." This Is One of Them

There's a Time and Place for "Whataboutism." This Is One of Them
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The Democrats want to pretend the riots in 2020 didn’t happen as they go nuts over the Capitol Hill riot. Violence and destruction in a civilized society is wrong, but the Democrats seem to want to memory hole their own participation in death, destruction, looting, and burning.

That can’t be allowed.

The concept of “whataboutism” is simple. Someone brings up a wrong that you or your group did and you respond by completely ignoring the charges against you and bringing up something wrong that they had done in the past. In most situations, it’s effectively a copout and a way to avoid addressing your mistakes or taking the blame for them.

When it comes to the riot at the Capitol, there are a few things that need to be understood.

For one, Republicans and members of the right denounced the Capitol riot by and large, including the politicians they’re blaming for inciting the riot. Cruz, in particular, is being heralded as one of the main instigators of the riot. Not only did he say nothing to instigate the riot, but he also denounced it and declared that anybody who took part in it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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Yet, the Democrats have put all crosshairs on any politician who brought forth the debate over the election results (a legal process that Democrats are very familiar with) and pegged the entire right with the riot based on a culture that Trump created.

If the riot is Trump’s fault because he denounced the election results and that translated to the riot, then the left should also blame themselves. They, after all, are the entire reason Trump was elected in the first place. By the transitive property, this was a leftist created riot as well.

But I digress.

The riot at the Capitol was bad and should be denounced, but the riots that occurred across the country for months leading up to the elections claimed more lives and destroyed more property. What’s more, it received far more cheering and support from mainstream media figures and elected officials than the Capitol riot ever has or will.

In fact, the people who are declaring the Republicans are at fault for the Capitol riot the loudest are some of the politicians that cheered the BLM riots more than anyone. Maxine Waters, who told people to form mobs around officials, is now going after Trump for doing what she did.

AOC is demanding Cruz’s resignation for inciting the Capitol Hill riot, yet not that long ago, AOC was refusing to denounce the firebombing of ICE officers by Antifa.

Right now, as we speak, we are in a struggle on who gets to write history. The Democrats are not going to be fair about it. If they have their way they will convince everyone, especially future generations, that a single riot defines the entire right. The same right that condemned the riots will be characterized as dangerous and seditious if they have their way. They will have people convinced that they were pure as the driven snow despite encouraging riots and stoking rage and hatred for months.

At this point, this isn’t “whataboutism.” This is a fight about how history will see these events. This is a defense of an entire swath of people who hold to an idea that opposes tyranny and embraces freedom. This is setting the record straight and making sure America sees all the angles of the times we are in now. This is about the denial of a developing narrative and a forewarning to generations to come.

The left is violent. They like violence. They encourage violence, and they cannot be allowed to put their sinful characteristics on the right.

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