Hilarious Video Shows the Troubled Romance Between the Far Left and the Far Right

Hilarious Video Shows the Troubled Romance Between the Far Left and the Far Right

People have claimed in the past that the political spectrum is a square containing various kinds of authoritarianism or libertarianism. Some have claimed it’s a line spanning from left to right gauging freedom vs. authoritarianism.

However, some have said that it probably looks more like a circle, and during these times it would appear that this view has a point to it.

What’s being referred to as the far-right is bearing more and more of a resemblance to the far left. Hatred of certain groups and reliance on violence seems to be a mutually agreed-upon solution to the political problem they’re trying to solve.

This is the point YouTube comedian Ryan Long makes in his latest video.

The radical right and the radical left are personified into a troubled gay couple living together as lovers who can’t seem to stand each other but, funny enough, can’t get enough of each other.

“On paper, we both have the same interests,” says the radical right.

“We both love costumes, marching, wrecking property,” says radical left.

“We both have bad tattoos,” ads radical right.

Long makes the commentary about the positions of both the radical left and the radical right being swapped. Where once destruction and chaos were denounced by the radical right, now they embrace them. Meanwhile, the radical left that once hated cops in any form thinks it’s great that they practice violence on the right.

As the video goes on it’s clear that both sides reach the same conclusions, but just come there in different ways.

Watching the way things are going, it’s pretty clear that a branch of the conservative party has fallen off and embraced the idea that if the left gets away with it, then they should be able to as well. Long, a guy who uses comedy to make commentary about the ridiculousness of the left, makes the point in this video that this branch isn’t all that dissimilar from the radical left.

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