The Right Isn't Responsible for the Capitol Hill Riot Like the Left Is for BLM Riots

The Right Isn't Responsible for the Capitol Hill Riot Like the Left Is for BLM Riots
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

The media is having a field day with the riot that occurred at the Capitol building on Wednesday, but before it ascends up its own rear thinking it’s the moral high ground, I think it needs to take a mile-long step back.

There are a few facts that we can admit to on the right. Yes, these were people who are technically considered right-leaning people. Yes, there are those on the right who supported them from afar.

However, this is where the media’s argument ends, because to say that the riot was endorsed by the right is a whopping lie. The vast majority of the right denounced these riots, including elected leaders like Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and President Donald J. Trump himself. Those who did break in are being identified and they have been called by those on the right to be arrested and prosecuted.

You will never see this ridiculous riot endorsed by the right. You especially won’t see the groups behind the violence and destruction become celebrated names within the right.

Not like the left does with theirs.

As RedState has covered ad nauseum, the Black Lives Matter riots have been rife with destruction and violence. Its death toll includes old retired black police veterans to small black children. It didn’t just smash windows and make off with a few random objects. Entire businesses have been burned to the ground and those that weren’t burned were looted till nothing remained but broken glass and broken dreams.

And yet, despite the fact that Black Lives Matter was definitively responsible for so much destruction and violence across the nation, the Democrat party and the left celebrated it as if it were actually a civil rights movement. It wasn’t even close to being that as I explained in this video below.

The left couldn’t have been more proud of the Black Lives Matter movement. The media continuously gushed praise on it and when it went too far, they made excuses for it. The Martin Luther King Jr. quote of the riot being the voice of the unheard was thrown around so much and in so many different ways that it became a constant side dish to the chaos.

The Democrat party was so officially smitten with the Black Lives Matter movement that it even made a propaganda video about it to Billy Porter singing a rendition of “For What It’s Worth,” a video that was made a little more accurate here at RedState.

The Republican party, nor the right in the general, is endorsing the riots that occurred at the hands of the rioters who infiltrated the Capitol and trashed it in some ridiculous call to rebellion. We’re certainly not making it a part of the platform.

Meanwhile, Democrats won’t speak one ill word about Black Lives Matter. They make music videos celebrating it, report on it lovingly from leftist media sources, and even encourage unrest to happen when being interviewed by these media sources.

If the left truly wants to finger-point right now, it should start with itself. It should be horrified and aghast by its own behavior, especially over the last four years.

The right has washed its hand of the Capitol Hill riots in an official capacity. The left is still celebrating theirs.

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