Thread Showing Media's Treatment of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vs. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Will Disgust You

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the worst in the media, especially when it comes to how it covers the actions of Democrat Party leaders vs. Republican Party leaders. This has been demonstrated in no better way than the stark contrast between how the media treated Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


By the numbers, there is no arguing which state faired better. Under DeSantis’s leadership, Florida has had far fewer deaths per capita than New York, despite being subject to far fewer restrictions. New York, meanwhile, has been one of the states that suffered the most from the pandemic overall.

You’d never know that from how the media treated both governors, however. At every step, the mainstream press made DeSantis out to be a reckless, irresponsible governor who was out to get people killed with his freedom-based approach to the virus. Meanwhile, they heaped nothing but praise on Cuomo no matter what he did, even if what he did was kill thousands of elderly New Yorkers with his decisions.

Freelance writer Drew Holden compiled a very long list of incidents reported on by the press where the two leaders were put in similar situations. At every turn, you’ll notice a solidifying pattern of the press applauding and praising Cuomo and demonizing DeSantis to the point of absurdity.


Holden takes a moment to point out that the press is doing this despite DeSantis’s leadership keeping Florida far safer and that Cuomo’s response has been a marked disaster, noting that if New York was its own country it would have had the worst numbers in the world. He continues with examples thereafter.


Holden finishes with a blistering denouncement of the media.

“As I’ve said before, there are lots of factors to consider when determining which responses were appropriate,” tweeted Holden. “But if journalism is to be the first draft of history, we’ve got ourselves a miserably unfair draft to work with because countless outlets have operated in bad faith.”


“And that means that millions of Americans who have lost loved ones because of the terrible response from @NYGovCuomo won’t get justice or accountability because the media spends all their time attacking governors they don’t like since they’re Republicans. And that’s shameful,” he added.

As of this moment, Democrat-controlled states like California are showing an increase of COVID-19 cases that are rising off the charts. Meanwhile, DeSantis and Florida are currently far below in terms of current case rates, proving that the draconian Democrat approach of locking a state down and treating their people like prisoners is not just failing to be effective, but hurting the people even more.

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