California Official Tries to Shut Down Restaurant and Owner Confronts Him in Way All Americans Should See

Carlos Roman, a man who works at a shop called “Bread and Barley” in Los Angeles County, California, was visited by a Health Department worker who walked into his store and informed him that his store would have to close and would be fined after taking pictures of two people dining outside of his store.


According to KCAL-TV, Roman said the two diners were on public property and he and his employees were not serving them.

Roman decided to take matters into his own hands and what resulted is a now-viral video of the actions he took at the moment, and they’re actions and words that all Americans need to hear, in large part because it really shows you the hurt and desperation Americans everywhere are suffering because of these useless lockdowns.

The video picks up with Roman speaking to a police officer asking him what’s going on. In the background, a large red truck is blocking a grey sedan parked nearby. He tells the officer who he is and what he’s doing; blocking the health department worker from leaving.

“If I can’t work, then he can’t work,” said Roman.

Roman informed the officers that the officer is going to have to get a supervisor out on the scene because he’s not moving the truck.

“This is what happens when people get desperate,” Roman tells the officer. “I’m desperate.”

The officer attempts to say more but he cuts her off and points to the woman filming the interaction.

“Who’s going to pay her car payment? Who’s going to pay my cook’s rent? Him?” Roman asks, pointing to the health department worker.

The officer asks Carlos to move his truck to make it easier on them, but he continues to refuse.

“I want it to be hard on everyone. I want everyone to see how hard this sh*t is,” says Roman. “Everyone that wants to come out here and eat, they can’t. Everyone that wants to drive down Citrus and visit one of the restaurants, they can’t.”


“This guy needs to know how hard it is,” he says, pointing to the official.

Roman walks past the cop to get closer to the official in order to confront him.

“Did you get a paycheck on Friday?” he asks. “My people don’t! I bet you got a paycheck, didn’t you?”

“You’re just doing your job, right? We’re all in this together.” continues Roman. “When I go to the bank, do I tell the bank the Health Department said it’s okay? The Health Department said I don’t have to pay you? The Health Department said I can’t make a living? I can’t make any money? Is that what I tell the bank?”

“You don’t enforce a f**king rule without any consequences!” yells Roman. “There are consequences to everything in this world!  Do you know the consequences? They can’t pay their bills!”

The viral video sparked a GoFundMe page for Carlos’s shop. As of this writing, they’ve raised over $34,000, but Roman has indicated that with current operating costs, it won’t last much more than a week.

This is further evidence of not only just how damaging the lockdowns are, but how ridiculous they’ve become. Government officials in blue areas are firing off at the hip and terminating entire livelihoods and ruining lives off of even a hint of disobedience to lockdown procedures.

What’s more, it’s all a mistake. Recent numbers show that California’s COVID-19 case rate is through the roof despite the lockdowns while Florida and Texas, two states with minimal lockdown measures, have much lower case rates that they don’t equal out to California’s when combined.


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What’s more, recent numbers show that 60 percent of businesses close down permanently once shut down completely.

This isn’t just the business owner that suffers from the shutdown. The employees and suppliers are also affected once the source of income is cut off. Jobs are lost along a much farther line than many government officials are willing to admit.

Roman might just be one viral video, but he represents thousands of business owners across the nation who are sick and tired of the regulations and nonsensical rules handcuffing their livelihoods and harming their workers.



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