UFC's Dana White Releases Amazing Video Showing You the Cowardice and Ignorance of the Media

UFC's Dana White Releases Amazing Video Showing You the Cowardice and Ignorance of the Media
(AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

UFC President Dana White didn’t throw in the towel when the pandemic struck, but his enemies did. The mainstream media came out in droves in order to lambaste him for his decision to keep the fights going despite the lockdowns, but in the end, White proved to be the hero of the story.

And White wants to show you just how wrong the media was, as well as just how bad of an example they set for everyone to follow.

White’s video begins by showing you the reaction to the COVID-19 shutdowns by other sports leagues but it soon shifts to the announcement that despite the lockdowns, White will not call for a stop to his sport. This is quickly followed by “journalists” coming out of the woodwork to roast White for being a bad leader, an irresponsible person, and a greedy person only concerned with making more money.

After a good deal of this, White himself interjects.

He explains that despite the fights continuing, he took every precaution he could to make sure his fighters were safe, but the issue wasn’t the betterment of his business. Business is about more than just making money, as White points out.

“I didn’t do this so I could make more money. I have plenty of money,” said White. “I did this so my fighters could make money and my employees could continue to make a living and feed their families.”

White also highlights “Fight Island,” the place he created to hold international fights where precautions against COVID-19 were taken to the utmost measure. All the while, facts hit the screen about the UFC’s increases in viewership and engagement.

White ends by firing back at the media, eviscerating them for their negativity and sensationalism in the name of getting more attention and thus more revenue.

“The media are not in the news business, they’re in the clickbait business,” said White. “They think negativity sells and gets clicks, so that’s what they deliver. Negativity is their product.”

“Here’s the reality. None of the media know anything about this business,” White adds in the video.

One thing worth highlighting about this video is that White and the UFC didn’t hide away and give up living because the virus came about. They fought on, allowing UFC employees to thrive during a time when so many were forced to stop working. Instead of giving up and backing down, they found workarounds and continued to do what was necessary to make sure life continued.

This in itself is an inspiring message that should be used as an example for any business.

Hats off to Dana White and the men and women of the UFC for setting an example for everyone to follow.

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