Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrice Cullors Tries to "Set the Record Straight" On Her Marxism (Keyword: Tries)

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The only thing that Black Lives Matter founder Patrice Cullors is more famous for than co-founding today’s most popular political movement is the fact that she’s an admitted trained-Marxist.


But is she a Marxist?

Cullors created a video on her YouTube channel in order to address the question, which would be great…if she addressed the question.

Cullors says a lot of things in her video but one thing she doesn’t do is actually tell us whether or not she’s an actual Marxist.

“It’s been intense at times; it’s been hilarious at times, but I feel like I need to set the record straight,” she said before dancing around the answer.

“Am I a Marxist? I am a lot of things,” Cullors says. “I do believe in Marxism. It’s a philosophy that I learned early on in my organizing career. We were taught to learn about the systems that were criticizing capitalism. We were taught to understand why there were philosophies that were criticizing capitalism.”

“But I do believe that we can get to a place where there is a socio-economic system that doesn’t oppress some groups of people and only uplifts a few,” she later added. “We can’t allow for fear to dictate how we understand what’s possible.”

She then proceeds to allude that she’s like Dr. Martin Luther King whom she says was referred to as a “communist” up until he was assassinated.

Cullors proceeds to predict that the system at the center of our country in the future will not be capitalism, saying that COVID-19 has exposed capitalism as a failure because it impacts the more, black people, and “latinx” people (a phrase Latinos do not use or even like)


She goes on to say that while communism has failed every time it has been tried, so has capitalism. This is a false statement and that’s backed up by the fact that capitalism has created the most powerful country in the world where even the poor are considered “rich” by global standards. She goes on to claim that people only believe capitalism works because the US is so good at propagandizing it.

The video ends with Cullors not having addressed whether or not she’s a Marxist.

That said, I’m not sure she has to. It’s clear that she is one based on how she talks about certain subjects, but more so how her own movement addresses the idea. It’s clear that Black Lives Matter isn’t a movement about people as she claims, but a movement meant to create the downfall of capitalism and implement its replacement with a socialist system.

I’ve created a video addressing this, which you can watch below.

Cullors can dance around the fact that she’s a Marxist all day but in the end, it’s plain as day.


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