Abortion Group Creates Video Game Where You Kill Pro-Life Women, Priests, and Police to Shoot Fetus

We’re often told no one is for abortion but this is often proved to be nonsensical since pro-abortion advocates reach down into the darkest depths of their minds and pull out some seriously sick and bizarre behavior in order to defend it.


It’s not exactly uncommon behavior.

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Case in point, a video game was recently released that featured a mod of the 90’s DOOM game where you were tasked with beating demons on Mars as a space marine.

A pro-abortion group in Argentina made a mod where you have to kill pro-life women, Catholic priests, and police officers, before shooting a giant fetus with a shotgun until it dies. They’ve called the game “DOOM Fetito” which translates to “Little Fetus DOOM.”

A message at the end encourages the player to use misoprostol to “defeat” unborn children in the real world.

The website for “DOOM Fetito” gives an explainer for the game’s inspiration, and describes the current ongoing battle over abortion in Argentina:

At the moment abortion is a grey legal area in Argentina. Abortions can only be performed if the pregnancy can harm the health of the parent or in the case of rape.  If you are pregnant in Argentina and wish to have an abortion, you risk facing jail time. If the procedure isn’t done properly you risk getting injured or even dying. Tons of women die every year in Argentina because abortion isn’t legal in all cases.

Since this sucks, feminism has been pushing for legal abortion in all cases since forever and has been ignored until recently. S*** got weird. No, seriously. I can’t stress this enough. S*** GOT WEIRD.


The site goes on to say that on March 25, Argentinian conservatives organized a protest for the pro-life cause. The site described them as Catholics and “actual neo-nazis,” who carried around a giant fetus.

You’ll recognize the fetus at the protest as the same found in the DOOM mod game.

The depths to which the pro-abortion activists sink is despicable. It’s no longer about the right to an abortion, it’s about fantasizing about killing innocent people just to be able to kill a pre-born child. While graphic violence in video games is one thing, actually using the medium to depict violence against a specific group strips you of any right to a moral high ground, makes no arguments, and only makes you look like a lunatic.



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