WATCH: Planned Parenthood Supporters Mocking Pro-Lifers Shout About Urinating In Graves of Babies

During a pro-life event at the University of San Antonio in Texas, Planned Parenthood supporters began waving around Planned Parenthood signs and mocking pro-lifers by singing about how having abortions is their “kink,” and how the “fetuses are in the ground.”


According to Students for Life, Students for Life Regional Coordinator Sarah Zarr said that the Planned Parenthood activists confronted the Students for Life members the moment they set up. The activists told them that they weren’t allowed to be there because the issue affects black women and that the pro-life students had “white privilege.”

After attempting dialogue, the activists gathered in the memorial where the pro-life students had set up 911 crosses for the number of lives Planned Parenthood takes every day. The activists began saying vile things, such as bragging that they had an abortion, pointing at a cross and saying “there’s mine.” They also began chanting, and one of the activists wondered allowed with “what if we pissed in the fetus graveyard?”

One girl sang “hey, hey, what’s that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground.”

According to Students for Life, a man approached a student named Mica at the table the pro-life students had set up and began to argue, and after some words, stole their pamphlets and threw them in a gutter:


“A guy walked up to our table and told my student Mica: “this is bullshit” (looking at our display and info on the table). He then picked up whole stacks of our topics cards, these “women’s right to know” booklets we had, and our unsafe book that was just for display and ran off Mica chased after him and said hey that’s our property, you can’t take all of those please give them back. He kept running till he got to a gutter and threw it all in the gutter. 

We hear often from pro-abortionists that they don’t like abortion, but that it’s necessary. However, these students openly mocked pro-lifers by celebrating the idea of abortion, going so far as to giggle about the idea of urinating the graves of those aborted.




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