Governor Cuomo's Own Words On Sexual Allegations Thrown Back In His Face by New York Congresswoman

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is currently embroiled in sexual assault allegations and true to form, the left has refrained from taking them seriously at all despite the “believe all women” mantra they chanted during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings still ringing in the collective ears of the internet.


The only action this news item is getting is restraint from mainstream news sources with USA Today proclaiming that Cuomo’s accuser, Lindsey Boylan, is accusing Cuomo without any evidence. The other thing that isn’t happening is calls to have the claims investigated, but one New York Congresswoman has changed that and used Cuomo’s own words against him.

New York Rep. Elise Stefanik has sent out a tweet publicly calling for an investigation into the Cuomo allegations and to make sure she’s taken seriously, she quoted Cuomo himself who weighed in on the seriousness of investigating claims during the “Me Too” movement.

“I am publicly calling for an independent investigation into the serious allegations of pervasive workplace sexual harassment & verbal abuse by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The people of New York deserve a Governor who lives up to his own public statements on sexual harassment,” Stefanik tweeted.

She then followed this up by posting a number of Cuomo quotes.



And the coup de grâce…

It’s unlikely that any real action will be taken into investigating the Cuomo allegations. We’ve repeatedly seen that allegations against Democrats meet resistance from the press. Accusations against Joe Biden circulated around the internet to what amounted to acceptance by Democrats and Biden was given a pass. Cuomo will get the same privilege.

But it does go to show the extent to the corruption surrounding the media and the Democrats. More importantly, it shows the level of hypocrisy and shallowness of character held by Andrew Cuomo. When he wasn’t in line for the guillotine, he was cheering on the witch hunt with everyone else. Now that it’s his neck, all the flower words he used to impart the importance of taking women seriously and promoting the need for investigation are gone.


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