Here's a Superb Example of How Low You are On the Totem Pole for Democrats

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer

One of the pervading myths floating around our society is the idea that Democrats are the party that cares while Republicans are the party that cares only about rich people, racism, etc.

This is a demonstrable lie. Democrats have done more to make their rich richer and the poor poorer than any other party. This has gone unnoticed by too many in America simply because the Democrats are better at putting on a show than Republicans are.

The Democrats really succeed at putting on grandiose shows of care and righteous anger. The media, the silver screen, and even social media all do what they can to make sure the show goes on, and before you know it, people left and right are believing narratives that have as much grounding in reality as unicorns.

Take, for instance, the idea that police should be defunded. It’s an idea that caught on after the death of George Floyd. Black Lives Matter, the most popular political group in America, adopted that as part of its platform, and before you know it, Democrat politicians were signing on to have it done.

In Minneapolis, it happened. The Democrats got their wish and that dastardly police department was defunded. There was much rejoicing among the left who did what they set out to do. They made the streets safer because now the police won’t be there to abuse them.

What followed is exactly what everyone knew was going to happen. As Mail Online notes, Minneapolis has descended into a Lord of the Flies-esque chaos:

Minneapolis City Council on Thursday approved a controversial budget which is set to move $8million of funding from the police – despite record crime rates since the May death of George Floyd.

Mayor Jacob Frey, who had threatened to veto the entire budget if the council went ahead with a plan to cap police staffing, said the vote was a defining moment for the city which was the first to be hit by anti-police protests following the death of Floyd.

The city has been plagued by soaring violent crime since then – with homicide, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft and arson all up on last year’s figures.

Police have recorded 532 gunshot victims this year as of last Thursday, more than double the same period a year ago. Carjackings have also spiked to 375 so far this year, up 331 percent from the same period last year. And violent crimes have topped 5,100, compared with just over 4,000 for the same period in 2019.

Around 160 officers are said to have resigned or be on leave from the force compared to the start of the year. That is partly due to officers claiming post-traumatic stress disorder from a summer of unrest — with more preparing to leave amid retirements and poor morale, reports say.

Without law and order, the city has now become a dangerous place to be.

I wanted to point out this story because I want two things to be made clear.

For one, the Democrats as a party don’t actually care about you. They care about their power and they care about the show that keeps that power growing. It’s unlikely that this will deter them from pushing for more defunding somewhere else in America, and it’s also unlikely that the mainstream media will make a huge deal out of it because Democrats cannot be wrong.

To be clear, they will allow your home to be infiltrated and you to be murdered if it means the narrative gets to thrive.

It’s not hyperbole if it’s true and the story above is proof.

Secondly, Democrats like to pretend that they’re the social wizard in the room, but they’re not. Their ideas are oftentimes detrimental to everything they come across. Their worldview makes heroes and martyrs out of drug-addled victims, and neo-Hitlers out of anyone who has the misfortune of being in a group they consider a problem. Their guiding star is what the mob or mainstream culture thinks is cool at the moment. History, common sense, or decency do not factor into their decision making.

Democrats and America are in a VERY toxic relationship, and it would behoove us to break up with them where possible.


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