Two Big Reasons Why You Shouldn't Boycott the Georgia Runoffs

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There seems to be an online war raging over the Georgia runoffs within the Republican camp and the Democrats are loving every minute of it.

Trump allies Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have been attempting to convince Georgia Republicans to boycott the runoff elections. This would effectively hand Democrats the Senate, giving them carte blanche over two of the three systems of government, with only the Supreme Court being a relatively safe zone for the American people thanks to Trump filling three seats with textualist justices.


Despite this being an incredibly foolish move, Georgia Republicans have attached themselves to the idea that if Trump was defeated due to fraud then there’s no point in voting the elections anyway, and if Georgia Republicans won’t fight harder to find the fraud that defeated Trump then they don’t deserve the support anyway.

The Trump campaign and family both disagree with this sentiment and would like people to get out in Georgia to vote, but it would appear many won’t be moved.

If it’s unclear why this move is foolish then here are two big reasons why boycotting the Georgia runoff elections is just bad tactically.


Republicans are many in Georgia and they need to show in force for a few reasons. For one, if as many Republicans as possible turnout you’ll be a walking talking testament for a count towards the Republicans in the Senate. You will have cast a ballot that will have to be accounted for.

For one, with that cast ballot, you raise turnout percentage. If fraud does occur in the Senate race, one of the tell-tale signs will be the fact that turnout was improbably high to the point of being impossibly high. The numbers will effectively warrant investigation, allowing the fraud to be uncovered.

If Republicans don’t show up to vote and the stats reflect a realistic turnout, the idea of fraud can be shrugged off.

What’s more, if your ballot was tampered with or swapped out, you will have a case that points to fraud. Yes, it’s jarring to watch your vote get tampered with, but this will effectively be those who would do such a thing falling into a trap you set just by doing what you normally do. If you’ve submitted no ballot, then investigators have less substance to their investigation. There needs to be proof, and the more the better.



Let’s say the fraud is minimal. I’ll never say nonexistent because I think there’s fraud in every election despite what the mainstream media likes to say, but let’s say it’s not as bad as many would anticipate due to the fact that this special election will be so closely watched.

If you stayed home and didn’t vote, you effectively handed Democrats an election legitimately. You didn’t just hand them these Senate elections, you handed them the Senate. Now they’re in charge of the White House, the House, and the Senate, and the only barrier preventing a complete and total takeover of the new radical left is the Supreme Court, which Biden is probably going to stack.

Let me be clear here. I’m not asking anyone to vote strictly to keep the Democrats out. If you don’t like the candidate, then don’t vote for them. I’ve always been a big proponent of people voting for, not against. However, if you’re a Republican then go vote Republican and make sure that the Senate is a roadblock to what is likely going to be one of the most hard-left administrations America has ever seen since FDR.

If our country descends into the leftist madness they have in store for us, then you’ll have to live with the fact that you could have stopped it but chose not to in order to prove a point. Yes, Republicans may not measure up, and if that’s the case then they can be replaced, but do not replace them with extremists on the left.


You are effectively vacating a battlefield and giving it to the enemy. Not just the Democrats, but what the Democrats have come to represent.

Rest assured, I do believe there is a lot of fraud happening and I want it investigated and uncovered. However, we will likely not get to the bottom of anything if the branches of government belong mostly to the left. It’s unlikely that we’ll get to investigate anything if the rot spreads so deep that it becomes impossible to get anyone to move an inch.

I understand the anger. I’m angry too, but we gain nothing by choosing to lose everything. Fight back.




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