Grift-Tastic Duo Lin Wood and Sidney Powell Tell Georgians to Hand Democrats the Senate

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Does waving the white flag and handing the Senate to the Democrats under a probable Joe Biden administration sound like a good idea to anyone? Well, apparently the grift-tastic duo of Lin Wood and Sidney Powell think that’s a great idea. What exactly they hope to accomplish by pushing that outcome is anyone’s guess.


Their ridiculously self-serving statements came during a press conference in Georgia today which sought to address election issues and the coming run-offs.

That last line by Wood is a sure tell that this guy is blowing smoke and trying to raise his profile. No one who is honest with their audience is going to make a promise that they almost certainly can’t keep. Frankly, the idea that Biden is not going to take office because Lin Wood, whose current filings have gone nowhere, is going to prevent it is just self-flagellation.

State Rep. Vernon Jones showed up to actually encourage people to do the right thing by getting out and voting. Wood promptly contradicted him.

You know who tells people stuff like this? Democrats, of which Lin Wood is rumored to be one. At some point, Republican voters have to start asking just how far these self-serving individuals are willing to go and what their actual motivations are. What do they stand to gain by trying to throw the Senate to Chuck Schumer? Further, how does doing so help Trump at all? The answer is that it doesn’t. It makes no sense whatsoever, and giving Democrats the Senate will not cause any change in regards to Trump’s election challenges. Meanwhile, Wood and Powell are making rushed filings full of errors while spending more time in front of the cameras than in the courtroom. Again, ask yourself why, or at least entertain the idea that they simply don’t know what they are doing.


Further, no one should buy the idea that these elections are not winnable because of fraud. Regardless of what did or didn’t occur in Georgia back in November, Loeffler and Perdue both came out on top on election night by sizable margins over their Democrat competitors (Perdue bested Ossoff by 90K votes for example). If there was fraud widespread enough to make these run-offs not worth voting in, that fraud would have been used to make Ossoff and Warnock the outright winners the first go around. In other words, you can believe fraud occurred in regards to Trump’s totals, but no one should buy the narrative that Loeffler and Perdue can’t win in January’s election. They absolutely can, and every single Republican in Georgia needs to get out and make sure it happens. Having that bulwark will be absolutely crucial to stop Biden, if he takes office, from stacking the courts and passing insanely left-wing legislation.

Townhall’s Kurt Schlicter has apparently had enough of this nonsense as well.


I’ve tried to be patient with Wood and Powell. I’ve seen their machinations and found much of it to be theater, but I’ve also said that they deserve a chance to prove what they claim. Trying to throw the Senate to Democrats is a bridge too far, though. Do not listen to these people.

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