The Morse Code Ep. 37: We Don't Live in a Democracy

It’s slowly becoming a pet peeve of mine when people say we live in a “Democracy.” We do not, but I’m slowly getting the impression this isn’t a simple mistake. We live in a constitutional republic, and those in office know that. They know that because they’re consistently restrained by the constitution they’re inconvenienced by.

I think it’s time to start cutting that off at the knees and begin correcting the record wherever possible. We do not live in a democracy. If we did, this country would be way more on fire.

Also, our society has split off into two groups, and they are wholly incompatible with each other. The group that wants to leave alone and be left alone, and the group that wants to be obeyed.

However, the group that wants to be obeyed isn’t going to have the easy time they think they will.

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