Chris Pratt Finally Fires Back at the Internet Mob in Hilarious Chris Pratt Fashion

Chris Pratt has always been a guy who never takes anything seriously and in a time when everything has to be taken seriously, there are those out there who can’t help but hate him.


Pratt has taken no end of abuse from the internet outrage mob, even going viral on occasion because of their hatred for him. There are rumors that he’s a Republican, but more than that, he attends a church that leftists say is overwhelmingly homophobic.

It’s not.

They don’t care, though.

Pratt has had to endure the hatred as any man in the spotlight who is guilty of wrong think has to, but unlike other actors, Pratt has the cajones to strike back. Being Pratt, he struck back in a very Pratt way.

Pratt has an Instagram update he likes to do called “What’s My Snack?” It’s a hit with his fans and it’s not hard to see why. Rapping about your carrot cake is an entertaining way to spend 60 seconds.

Instead of a regular snack update, Pratt decided, instead, to apologize to the people who are angry with him for his “What’s My Snack” posts. People were angry with Pratt for doing the updates right in the middle of an ongoing election and for some reason, none of us can laugh while that’s happening.

“I want to say thank you to the people in my comments who have taken a brave step to let me know how insensitive it is to continue with ‘what’s my snack,'” said Pratt in an Instagram video.

“Not today, not now… we don’t need humor,” he continued. “What we need is awareness. More awareness of just how bad things are and that awareness is not going to come with ‘What’s My Snack.’


“Today snack is prawns,” he quickly added.

Pratt then asked for a moment of silence for the prawns… and the people who commented angrily at him. He then finished it up with a rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of the Angel.”

I probably sound like a broken record here, but if there’s one thing we need more of, it’s this. The people who are so overdramatic about everything need to be laughed at and mocked more.

We need humor now more than ever, but the internet outrage mobs demand that we cease our laughter and get serious about whatever it is they’re mad about today.

The correct answer to that is to laugh harder.



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