They Keep Trying to Eliminate Masculinity Because They Fear It

Democratic National Convention via AP

The hatred of masculinity by members of the left and coastal elitist cultures is such a first-world stance to take. It’s easy to think masculinity is out of touch with the times when the times are so comfortable.

If we lived in a time when there was a very serious threat that could invade, harm, and kill at any moment, masculinity would be respected and cherished. However, in the west, much of our society is safe and convenient. We no longer have to go hunt and defend our homes, we have Uber and police. Technology has nullified many of the world’s dangers. Even other nations that pose a threat are kept relatively quiet thanks to the technological might that allows us to press a button and flatten a village instead of sending in men to take out the bad guys.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate technology, but it can’t be denied that it’s caused humanity to forget itself. We’re spoiled, and spoiled people lose sight of themselves and fall out of touch with reality.

However, masculinity is buried deep within us. It’s part of who we are. Men more often than not are masculine by our very nature. Women are attracted to masculinity and want it to live with them at all times for both safety and companionship. It’s not going to just go away.

Like the transgender issue, a few years of mainstream culture embracing radical and stupid ideas don’t erase biological programming. That doesn’t mean they won’t try.

Masculinity is inconvenient to an ideology that desires conformity. Masculinity is capable of resistance to authority and not just in polite ways. Masculinity wields destructive power easily and comfortably. It’s a tool that has been used to conquer entire nations, win wars, and keep the peace.

If you’re an authoritarian ideology looking to install yourself as ruler over a people, getting rid of your biggest threats is a must. Masculinity is one of those threats. It could rise up and stop you.

So a culture shift has been ongoing for years now. Universities have been pushing the idea that there is no gender and that masculinity itself is toxic. They quote false rape statistics to make it seem out of control and mock men simply for being men.

Another ongoing trend is to try to push men into embracing femininity. Various stars have now begun putting on dresses in an attempt to normalize the feminization of boys and men. Harry Styles recently did it for Vogue.

In 2019, GQ magazine did the same thing with Pharrel Williams. They even went so far as to herald the “new masculinity.”

Both looked ridiculous and not just because their manner of the dress fell outside the norm. They looked ridiculous because they were putting on an ill-fitting idea that didn’t belong to them. They were hailed as stunning and brave from coastal elitists to the Twitterati but everyone else was repulsed.

What the elite need to understand is that this refusal to applaud it didn’t come from ignorance or bigotry. It’s many things.

First off, feminine clothing was made for the feminine form. Like a puzzle piece meant for another puzzle, it just doesn’t fit right. It highlights all the wrong things and misrepresents the form underneath in ways that look unnatural due to biological programming. This idea that we’re taught by society to be repulsed by gender-bending of any kind is abject nonsense.

Secondly, there’s anger accompanying it based on the fact that there’s a concerted effort by people who think they know better than us attempting to tell us that masculinity is somehow over when it clearly isn’t. Yes, life is much easier and it’s called for less, but masculinity still necessary and desired. Line up 100 women and give them a choice between a masculine man in a suit and a whispy guy in a dress, and you’ll find that the vast majority of women will want the manly man.

Even on Twitter, a breeding ground for human stupidity and leftist echo-chambering found Vogue mired in negative responses.

It’ll be a cold day in hell when mainstream culture eliminates masculinity from the west, and when it does, you can bet that it’ll be a dark day for the world.