The Morse Code Ep. 36: Democrat Civil War and Trump's Return

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Joe Biden hasn’t won the election and despite that, Democrats are already acting like he did, and this comes with a lot of problems…for the Democrats.

As I called it not long ago, once Democrats got a sniff of White House power they’d begin turning on each other due to the fact that there are now two different Democrat parties within the Democrat party. Between the radicals and the establishment, tensions are mounting. Soon, the AOC’s of the party are going to clash with the Pelosi’s and the Schumer’s and I’m not sure the latter half is going to win.

Also, if Trump does lose, they can rest assured that their problems are just beginning. With Fox News vacating their throne, Trump has an opportunity to move in and seize it for himself.

I talk about this and more on this week’s episode of The Morse Code.

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