Report: Detroit Poll Watcher Logged "Tens of Thousands" of Biden-Only Ballots Delivered in Weird Way

Report: Detroit Poll Watcher Logged "Tens of Thousands" of Biden-Only Ballots Delivered in Weird Way
AP Photo/Matt Slocum

As we continue the investigation into possible voter fraud, one lead has popped up in Detroit.

On Monday evening, GOP spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington tweeted out the log of a poll watcher in Detroit, Michigan, who noticed some suspicious activity going on at the location where ballots were being counted. According to the poll watcher, a number of things seemed awfully irregular.

For one, an entire load of ballots came in at around 4:30 a.m. on November 4. According to the poll watcher, the shift was ending around that time but one of the men in charge of counting ballots announced over the microphone that an entire load had just come in. The poll watcher was told that the vehicles these ballots were delivered in had out-of-state plates.

The poll watcher logged that the ballots were brought in and placed on eight, long tables, but noted that the way they were brought in was irregular. The boxes were carried in from the rear of the room, which wasn’t typical at all. Also, somewhat irregular, is that every single vote was for Joe Biden.

Many are calling this “hearsay” and at any other time, it would be; however, if this is a sworn affidavit from the poll watcher in question, then it is evidence.

This requires some measure of investigation to fish out, and some questions do remain to be answered. For instance, why was this delivered from the back room when it’s typically not delivered from that area? Why were the vehicles who delivered the ballots from out-of-state? How many of these Biden-only votes are actually legal?

There’s a lot of suspicious activity happening here and with some investigation, we can get to the bottom of things. Perhaps there’s a simple explanation for all of it, and perhaps there’s not. Either way, it would benefit the American people for the questions to be answered, because it would make sure that an election stays honest.

No matter who wins, the importance of a free and fair election can’t be overstated.

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