Don't Get Mad at Joe Rogan for Doing What Nobody Else Will and Getting Rewarded for It

AP Photo/Gregory Payan

Podcast host Joe Rogan went from being a hero to living long enough to see himself become the villain. Rogan has been making the hard-left and social justice obsessed Spotify employees so angry that they’ve demanded he be censored and have his podcast put into their control so that it can be monitored, edited, and censored at their discretion.

What did Rogan do to make them so angry?

He presented ideas that don’t have the approval of the left.

Hilariously, this anger over Rogan hasn’t stopped the podcast host from becoming number one on the platform. As I wrote earlier, Rogan’s recent episode with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones ignited so much ire from the left, yet it achieved number one on the Spotify trending list. Number two was also Rogan’s podcast with his Kanye episode.

The backlash to this inside Spotify was so bad that the Jones episode was “accidentally deleted” from the platform before being put back up. As Jeremey from The Quartering covered in a video on YouTube, it’s unlikely that this was an accident but we’re going to take Rogan’s word for it.

I’m not here to make an argument about the character of Alex Jones, nor am I going to try to validate his claims or help reason out his conspiracies. To me, Jones isn’t exactly my concern.

My concern is that there are people out there in big tech companies like Spotify who believe it’s their duty to police the speech of others because they’re afraid that it might affect the thinking of those who hear it. They engage in censorship in order to literally make an attempt at a form of mind control where only information they approve of enters the eyes and ears of their fellow man.

They do this because they think they’re protecting people and making the world a better place, but what they’re really doing is deciding for others what is and isn’t okay to consume. They think their ideas and “facts” are more legitimate than everybody else’s and so only their ideological positions and takes on any given subject should be allowed.

This thinking is incredibly hubristic and elitist. The amount of arrogance to think that you know so much better than everyone else that you should be able to control what people see, hear, and even think is inexcusable. Humans are fallible and what they think they know to be an ultimate good or undeniable fact may change at the drop of a hat. We’ve been proving that to ourselves since we came out of the dirt.

But if the appeal to someone’s sense of reason doesn’t work then maybe this will.

Trying to decide what speech you should censor for the good of others isn’t a good marketing strategy.

Rogan’s podcast does well because he allows every one of varying ideologies and opinions to come on his show and express them. He engages in conversation with them as equals, sometimes disagreeing and sometimes fully agreeing. It makes for a tremendous show.

The most important aspect of this, however, is that Rogan allows the audience to decide for themselves at the end of the day. Rogan presents a person, they present their ideas, Rogan expounds on some of them with interesting conversation, and then the listener can take a position based on what they hear.

When content allows people to be free to see and decide for themselves what to do with the information given, the content naturally becomes more diverse and more interesting. More people will wish to generate interesting content, thus attracting more eyes and ears.

At this time, the mainstream media is so narrowed down to a very slim set of pre-approved thoughts and ideologies that the outlets that do allow for differing opinions blow everyone else’s out of the water. Fox News is one of the few networks that truly has right-leaning opinions on it and it continuously outclasses the other major networks in terms of daily viewers.

That Rogan is ahead of the pack isn’t surprising. He’s the only one speaking a different language than everyone else just following the rules.

If you’re a leftist, don’t get mad at Rogan because he’s doing well. It’s the leftist’s demand for ideological uniformity that’s creating his avenue to success by breaking from the pack.

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