'But Trump Is an A-Hole' Isn't a Valid Reason Not to Vote for Him

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

People have presented many reasons not to vote for President Donald Trump but the primary one revolves around the concept that our commander-in-chief is about as pleasant and mild-mannered as a starving buzzard.

On the subject of Trump’s gracefulness, his critics aren’t necessarily wrong. Trump is kind of an a**hole. He’s an uncouth sh*t stirrer who will happily clap back and insult anyone who draws his ire.

There are times when this behavior is cringe-worthy and troublesome…

…it’s pretty hilarious at any other time, though.

Trump is anything but boring, and if I’m being honest, this attitude problem is also one of his greatest qualities. I’ve seen far too many milquetoast Republicans who talk a strong game and then immediately buckle before Democrat pressure. If they aren’t doing that, they’re not striking back, giving Democrats the public stage and letting them define the narrative.

Trump doesn’t allow this to happen. The moment a narrative begins to emerge from the leftist muck, Trump is right there with a flamethrower. What’s more, he’s inspired others to break out their flamethrowers as well. The Democrats, for all intents and purposes, have never had it so rough on the public stage.

If you’re wondering why they’re throwing temper tantrums as bad as they are, I can safely point to this being one of the chief reasons.

The thing is, I can understand why the left hates Trump. He’s extremely hard to defeat on the narrative stage, and that’s territory they’ve ruled for decades. They can’t convince voters to side with them like they used to because Trump is throwing a monkey wrench in the gears on a constant basis.

Having opposite ideological approaches to something is a valid reason not to vote for a politician. If you’re on that side, it’s also valid to not want to vote for him because he makes you look like a fool all the time and because he’s kind of an a**hole to you.

If you’re on the left, that’s understandable.

If you’re on the right, however, Trump being an a**hole isn’t exactly a solid reason not to vote for him.

Unlike the left, the right doesn’t place a lot of value on emotion. We acknowledge it and even utilize it from time to time, but the right tends to approach problems with logic to the point that sometimes we appear cold. The left utilizes this aspect of the right to label us as “uncaring” and sometimes even “hateful.” A silly accusation that has enough shallow, surface-level value to create an entire party platform out of it.

Republicans and right-leaning people shouldn’t really care if Trump is a jerk. The question is, are what he’s doing in terms of policy and leadership improving the value of this nation, our prosperity, and our safety.

The answer is a resounding “yes” and that can’t be denied.

Trump’s economy was the greatest America had ever seen before the pandemic from China hit. Trump’s actions, be it the handling of the pandemic or his stances on “law and order,” have kept this nation safer. Even our enemies have felt the brunt of will to make sure American stays at the top of the food chain by breaking bad deals and killing their top military leaders while casually eating ice cream.

When the COVID-19 pandemic is finally lifted, I trust Trump to accomplish rebuilding this country and its economy at a lightning pace. He’s proven his ability to inject strength and confidence in the markets and we’re going to need that.

He’s pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-Christianity.

For a right-leaning American, all these things should be instant qualifiers, but for those who resist him I’m getting a lot of surface-level emotional mumbo jumbo that usually equates to “but he’s an uncouth jerk who doesn’t have the temperament of a leader.”

To that, I say “who cares?”

You can not like Trump as a person. That’s fine and even understandable to a point. You can find his personality grating, his manner of speech ridiculous and repetitive, and his boisterous nature off-putting.

But I’d rather have off-putting, ridiculous, repetitive, and grating if it means my life and this country are going to be better off over smooth, eloquent, and charming that forces this country down a drain. We had that right before Trump and I’d like to avoid that in the future.

We elected Trump for function, not fashion. Your anger toward him, whenever he acts like an a**, is fine, but don’t ever get that confused with whether or not he’s good for the country. The devil is a smooth talker too, but don’t think his pleasant demeanor will lead you anywhere but hell.

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