Ignoring Mental Health for Political Expedience

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)

Once a mass shooting occurs and the story goes national, the first thing that always gets blamed by the mainstream media and leftist activist groups is the gun. It happens without fail every time. Also without fail, news begins to leak out about the shooter that he had some serious struggles with mental illness of some variety, and without fail it gets ignored.

In fact, the left’s comeback for that lately has been “so he was white.”

Fast forward to today and we now have a highly valid reason to look into mental health due to the isolation problems brought on by the Coronavirus. We’re seeing, time and again, articles reporting spikes in depression and suicide rates. I, myself, have just released one earlier today involve a 90 percent spike in suicide rates in a Wisconsin County.

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This one quote from a pediatrician, Dr. Katy Cahill at the Associated Physicians in Madison alone is worth focusing on the mental health fallout brought about by the isolation thrust upon the people due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard parents say that they feel like their children have wilted,” said Cahill. “We definitely have seen an uptick in mental health concerns across all ages, which is really sad and concerning to us.”

In the article that originally came from the Wisconsin State Journal, parents were describing instances where their kids would just cry at night out of pure sadness.

And that’s just one county in Wisconsin. What’s the story in others?

Doctors have been warning us about despaire deahts for some time, saying that they alone would add thousands to the death toll caused by COVID-10. Despair deaths include suicides, and drug overdoses all caused from the oppressive mental attack that isolation brings about.

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Yet we don’t want to even glance toward the issue of mental health and the only reasons why that would be are political. Mental health isn’t really conducive to a narrative when you need to keep a state in lockdown because it hurt’s Trump’s economy and it certainly takes the heat off the inanimate object that was the weapon the mass shooter used to kill a bunch of people.

If all the attention got turned to mental illness, it would be the worst day of the left’s existence.

It would also expose some things that the left embraces for political reasons as mental illness. Transgenderism is something that the left holds as a massive societal plus and only bigots would say that there’s something wrong with it. Yet it carries with it a 40 percent suicide rate. This rate is even higher for teenagers.

No other group in our society has suicide rates that high. We’ve referred to transgenderism as a mental illness for ages and we suddenly stopped because it became politically expedient to Democrats to treat them as a sacred cow no one can question or touch.

How many people suffering from gender dysphoria have had to live with depression and killed themselves because the left wanted narrative control and activist powers?

People are suffering in this country, and what’s more, the people who are suffering oftentimes affect others. Mental health is a very real issue that Washington feels the need to turn its back on, knowing that if it was addressed it would lose talking points, narratives, and activist support.

But reality will catch up and when it does, the people who turned its back on it will regret the day they did.