Data Shows that Suicide Rate of Transgender Teens Is Breathtakingly High

In this Thursday, April 28, 2016 photo, Theo Ramos, 14, plays on a swing set at his neighborhood park in Homestead, Fla. Ramos, always a tomboy before he even knew what the word transgender meant, feels more like a boy. But experts agree that any transitioning teen’s journey is difficult and fraught with indecision, anxiety and worry _ by the teens as well as their parents. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

One of the most celebrated groups in the mainstream media is transgendered people or people who suffer from gender dysphoria.

This lead to transgenderism becoming a fad that had many people claiming to be transgendered, especially among the young. However, data now shows that those young people who do embrace a life of transgenderism seem to have abnormally high suicide rates.


The study comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which reveals that half of those who say they are transgendered attempt suicide at a rate of near or at 50 percent:

Female to male adolescents reported the highest rate of attempted suicide (50.8%), followed by adolescents who identified as not exclusively male or female (41.8%), male to female adolescents (29.9%), questioning adolescents (27.9%).

Compared to the suicide rate of teens who do not identify as transgendered, this is horrifically high, though any suicide rate is bad. The suicide rate among young women is alarming, even without the trouble of gender dysphoria.

Female adolescents (17.6%), and male adolescents (9.8%). Identifying as nonheterosexual exacerbated the risk for all adolescents except for those who did not exclusively identify as male or female (ie, nonbinary).

This is a shocking find, though not at all surprising. Transgendered individuals tend to suffer a 41 percent suicide rate, and they are more 19 times more likely to commit suicide if they go through with gender reassignment surgery.


What is also shocking, and yet doesn’t move the surprise needle one iota is that the mainstream is embracing this as a brave and beautiful way to live despite it being an actual mental illness, and saying anything contrary to the mainstream narrative will result in you becoming a public pariah.

In fact, the public view on transgenderism is so defended that you can garner a lot more trouble than just generating the attention of the outrage mob as I discuss in this video.

Sadly, the pressure to be “gender binary,” or “gender fluid” is pervasive among the youth at this time. Parents should be on guard if their children embrace the trend.


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