The One Question Trump Needs to Ask America to Secure His Victory

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

There is a myriad of things President Donald Trump can do to win America to his side.

His handling of COVID-19 was superb, despite the left and its media allies attempting to sell the idea that it was a disaster. Even the New York Times had to admit his approach to the pandemic was both smart and successful.

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He could point to the appointment of three, superb Supreme Court justices including Amy Coney Barrett. He could highlight his foreign policy victories, including taking us out of the Iran Deal and Paris accords, both of which were horrific deals for the United States. He could point to the lowest, black unemployment numbers in decades, or the fact that he cut taxes to the benefit of everyone in America.

All of this is well and good and, if he learns to sell it well during the next debate, could really impart a sense of belonging in the White House to America.

However, in my estimation, there’s one simple question that Trump can ask in order to bring people to his side.

The Coronavirus wiped out much of the gains made by Trump during his first few years in office. We’d never risen higher, but it made the fall that much harder. None of that could be blamed on Trump. The virus came from China and spread all around the world. Many places had it far worse than we did, and Trump did the best with what information he had.

The biggest question in front of Americans is how the recovery is going to happen and how well it’s going to go.

All Trump has to do is point out one simple fact; under the Obama/Biden administration, the economic recovery was like Ferrari that the two men in charge of the country refused to take out of first gear. Under Trump, the vehicle that was America was wide open.

Syndicated columnist and senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Stephen Moore recently summed it up well. Upon Trump’s election, many leftists believed America’s markets would crash. Instead, they soared and continued to do so until the virus hit:

Every liberal forecaster and most academic economists had guaranteed America that, if Trump were elected, the stock market would crash; workers would be flattened; and, as New York Times economist Paul Krugman famously predicted, the economy would “never” recover.

Instead, the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared by 257 points the morning after the election (that’s some crash), and it rose for the next three years, as it has again over the last several months. A few days after that election, small-business optimism surged by its most considerable amount ever measured, going back many decades. Family incomes surged to record-high levels in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as deregulation and tax cuts fueled a powerful engine. In three years, ordinary people had made more income gains than in eight years under the Obama-Biden administration.

Compare that to the Obama admin’s first four years:

The first four years of the Obama presidency were abysmal. The Obama-Biden $800 billion stimulus plan left unemployment higher every year than their economists had predicted if we did nothing. What bailed out Obama, ironically enough, was the shale oil and gas revolution that added millions of jobs despite the Obama-Biden hatred of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, most of the green energy subsidies went into failed and now-bankrupt companies such as Solyndra. And now Biden promises another $2 trillion for “clean energy” corporate welfare subsidies.

History can repeat itself one of two ways here. Either we put Trump back in the White House, and he pulls us into another great economic ascension as he’s proven he can do like it’s second-nature, or we can put Biden back in the White House, where we’ll likely see economic stagnation, as our government, once again, invests in green energy bridges to nowhere.

If Trump really wants to sell his case to the American people, he needs to point this fact out, and point it out a lot. Biden has proven what his track record on economic recovery looks like, and it’s frightening. Meanwhile, Trump was doing so well, it’s a shame that the virus came along to stop his work. Where would we be right now if it hadn’t come?

We’ll find out if we vote him in again.